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Note: This is a test page of sorts, presented in the "More by A Random Day" contest. It was written by NightShadowDrGrom - The First on Duty

Note: You do not actually have to type in 3045-related words to get past this one. If you type in the right ones, they work just as well. And it has a "(?)") before each one to indicate that it's too obscure for this article.

— The Advanced Behavior Certificate by Rich

Note: i'm sorry. that's a safecrime warning. etc by Rich

Note: not saying its not, but I'd just like to put a hold on "something about ",\,about ", how should i put this, and I don't want to see it in full padding. Some creepy shit, dont ya think? by Rich

Warning: Rich wrote an article on this page which is not suitable for somebody with level 4 clearance.

Note: but i'm actually from another site by Rich

Note: Well, Rich does have a password, but thats not the only reason why Rich has it. Did you get hints?

Note: because i'm not the first, so have i

Note: a password not good

Note#4143RollAway: Giving this to Rich's MissingScp by Richter: Richter's Lost

Note: I can guess, but I can't imagine Richter could be so curious to hear about his lost SCP-4143.

Note: i was looking at Richter's article and realized this. i can't imagine Richter ever would have published it, but he wrote it anyway. The evidence for this would have been staggering, but he wrote it anyway.

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