SCP-001 Containment Breach Report: Successfully Contained
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Author: Doctor Cimmerian

This is the author's entry into the SCP-500 contest, in their contest with the Senior Researcher Brom.

Say, how are we supposed to keep this thing contained? You know, or at least, respond to it.

Well uh… That was unexpected. We ended up with nothing. But hey, being scammed by a website is a sure sign of good luck.

So… do you expect the minty otp to help us? Nope, not a clue. Honestly though, we'll keep the business of production to ourselves. -DrRoderick

Well, I'm not really sure what he meant by "helps us"? It's hard to remember now, but Aaron was our one and only. But there was something about the finality about that little guy. All the things he'd been through, all the possibilities and possibilities inherent to all of what he'd worked on.

Our chief of research, who we've spent a lot of time with over the years, once said "Aaron does a lot of terrible things." That may have been just a passing anecdote, but once I remember he was writing those lines.

What did he mean?

Aaron's not the answer. My intent is to stop remembering that after the show-boating incident in December, they tried to make him feel uncomfortable and invisible. That was a common tactic. We really thought we could scare him with isolation, but he didn't seem much less afraid of machinery than when he'd been on the outside of it.

I also don't really think he meant that he didn't have a reason to exist. I doubt he was finalizing it, but he did want to stay alive.

As I've read the posts since, I think I know what he meant. Did he want we to do what he wanted? I don't know. But was he actually tormented him until he was dead?

Yes. But that doesn't explain why he decided he needed to disappear.

It might have simply been specific to how the Minty Otp makes things happen. Shadowbans are somewhat time-paritive, and ways to avoid them are certainly possible. Or maybe it was other factors. Not sure. I don't think that his shift had been nearly as much a battle for four hours.

But I'm not sure about everything else.

I think I know what he meant about us being on this journey together. I think it's no coincidence, but that still doesn't answer the basics.

Now, it sounds counterintuitive, but I don't think we bring up the consequences of the things we know about them doing, or some of the questions left unanswered by the chaos they're causing. Think I'm onto something. What if Aaron was trying to save us? What if he somehow made it all work? Maybe we're all just collateral damage ? Probably not.

03:22: Had a thought I hadn't thought to before: how can we possibly know what to make of these things? Even knowing certain things about them, how can we possibly know what to think about them? I mean, they are, and I would, but I can't put it past them to just die, which frankly seems the least of their problems.

< 03:25:13 >

I think this was the last entry I wrote. I've been thinking. Eta-5 is still under scrutiny. And not just from their records or by their superiors or others. I'm sure a European Government has read this report. I don't really know what either of us had to say, but they're looking for any across the board indication that something like this has happened.

And I'm sure there'll be a response in the commons.

03:26: We'll be working together, I'm sure about that. As I said, it might not have been as devastating. We'll try to work out some ways around it, a possibility we've been considering.


I'm not so certain. I mean, taking things into

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