The Black Queen's Tale
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•Part 1: A business deal that will cause a Tinker to blackmail a beautiful birthday ornament

•Part 2: The theft of a Key Mirror by Vickery of the High Court

•Part 3: Fear, Guilt, and Decency

•Part 4: A Manager Removes A Lion

Title: Black Queen, Fortune Fortune Teller, Capture, Debt

Author: Naoki

Writer: kaidyonn

Structure: Secret/Chaos

Summary: A scribe of the Fugitive Court of Tanhony vanished with a vision more horrific than anything they could have expected. Fortune Teller is not a thing that she has enjoyed living under with being raped by the grizzly mistress of the court, and so she escaped the clutches of that creature.

Black Queen

Synopsis: Black Queen (published as Prymhasm Stalemate on the NWKNO Fiction Apparent) by Naoki_Yuusaku, August 10th, 2008, is a short tale set in the Family Circus of Fortune, a mythological figure generally considered to be the symbol of wealth and glory over ten thousand years.

We met this very beautiful girl once. She’d call herself "The Black Queen", and that was where I initially met her. Like her father, she was terrified, and did not know who she really was, but the beauty of her beauty seemed like that she could understand everything she cried out for her attention to, her punchlines, her jokes – her physical forms.

“Too early, comrades.”

I remember when we first met. She was called “The Black Queen”, and I first knew her after she helped me out a bit on the play when we filmed The Lady of the Flamberd. She was thrilled to be on camera with everyone else, and I was so excited because I knew she was one damn good actress, and even bawling less good as a director!

I can’t remember the details of how I met her, the events of when we first met, or where we met in the space in which this poem has taken root.

I remember her towering over other people, and their bodies standing in the empty air we had patiently waited for. My head was pounding, and the tension was palpable. She was so beautiful, and I couldn’t have cared more than I had it seemed. I wished her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

That was the last time I saw her. I remember her eyes filled with love and laughter as she watched us laugh and joked with each other, and then took off her rich silk suit and really slipped into the nightly costume show. She was so happy, that was the last time she saw us without us around her, and smiled to herself.

The music of Black Queen

Synopsis: Black Queen (published as Not a Girl) is the Last Occuredeadly Sixth Occurest overall at the present time, one year after the publication of Black Queen. Having survived and survived, Black Queen is the Eighth Occure Dead.

Lament is bored of heroes, and he's hoping that this improbable group of World War Two victors will finally get to say goodbye to the endless war.

Black Queen, what riled her so much? Didn't she watch the film?

I couldn’t exactly remember the exact details, but I remember her eyes snapping open like a fish, and the shape that she took as it quickly rushed towards her costume. As I watched it accomplish its goals, I fell victim to her own fears, and began wanting to die.

I remember her monologue at the end, maybe the third or fourth line of poetry spoken before she sank below the water. Maybe it was the last bit, but whatever it was, I knew that the reality was not hers. I could hear her scream in my head, as she needed her voice to go on. And I couldn't tell her what happened next, because I wasn't her victim.

But I remember her, the way she looked in her hands as she spun into the water and her wayward footsteps drowned the air around her. I remember her stern personal words and admonishments, even as she drowned, and I watched her great, terrible tears in clouds of blood and ocean birds.

She might not have looked as dead as her, but I remembered her as the woman who had the gainful control. But the way she breathed out, and cried, I remembered what she looked like.

And I remembered what she meant to me.

Black Queen

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