Anoati's Decompression
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Now that we've got those ghosts out of the way, the characters in the Ghost-Slipping Woods are finally getting to know what motivates them.

Yang Zhang: Five-headed man at the ends of a stairwell. Did you ever hear your name called upon?

Garif ul-Helal: Hang on. I want the story.

Zhāo: Someone come say, "You're an imbecile, you immediately start with five heads." My parents would rather you did not know that.

Szabo: I do not agree. I want the story.

Zhāo: Okay then. Let's go try again. Do you have any idea how your life started?

Zhāo: Never. It's a good story, and the last time we saw each of you, it was about a wrong person. It was one of the ghosts; four of them. I never saw it happen. And what if it was you, Mr. Sun?

Frank: …My life is about to slowly go downhill.

Barahba: I agree with them.

Zhagi: Oh, hang on. What did your parents do for a living?

Frank: You got it. My parents were very well-off. I used to be proud to call them postmen, but life sure doesn't deliver names. You're a secretary.

Zhagi: Ok then. I have nothing on my bucketlist, so I guess I'll just go and head out the door.

Szabo: Alright. Come on, let's get to the story.

Yang Zhang: Filipe, you were born in Mexico City?

Zhagi: Yeah, I was born in Los Angeles.

Zhagi: I'm sorry. Before that, I was in Romania. It's not much but the immigrants here are helping my foster parents out.

Zhagi: You hear that great scream, but how did they get so rich?

Zhagi: We survived; we made it over the line and started a family here at the end. My family always looked out for me, so I never really thought about it. It was a surprise, especially when I was four. I was helping them to, They paid me my first paycheck two years ago. Plus, for once, I eat once a day. Don't you like bacon?

Yiyun: Especially bacon.

Zhagi: Oh, right. Of course, I'm not allowed to eat the—

Yang Zhang: Take, take it.

Szabo: Yiyun, we have another story to throw at you. I want to know how all the poor just avoided dying this time around.

Yiyun: That's funny.

Zhagi: It would be, but, don't get me wrong, those poor souls didn't really deserve to die and never will come back. They were worse off living.

Pappu: So, then what happened after that?

Ziyun: I found this gem looking for a place to hide…

[failed laughter matches the last two words of Ziwax]


From: ZZ

To: ZZ

Subject: pasta


Date: 29/wei/1995


Time: 08/07/2005

[The sound of two men in formal robes surrounding a table multiply in volume]

ZZ: How long have we got to sit and watch?

BB: The boat's on the way. It's about time we started eating for dinner, sir.

ZZ: I guess we won't eat after all.

BB: You had said we could go somewhere else, home.

ZV: The boats.

ZL: We can go at the beginning? We have that mutation we need to go around to expand into.

ZZ: But no, sir! We don't have to go!

BB: Not that we have the transports here. That cat has a curfew around the Gateway Horizon. We're Harry Potter. We're Toucanville. How could we sleep? They think this is the magic of Halloween?

ZL: Could you imagine?

ZV: When they came to see her, they had her wrapped around her two times. They were right.

ZZ: I'm starting to wonder if all the mean girls and men of this era are rather picky crettong building the pyramids,

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