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Note: this is part one in a multi-part story based around the events leading up to the containment of SCP-682. It is recommended that you read the previous entry



SCP-2436-EX Interview Log Transcript

Interviewed: SCP-2436-EX-1

Interviewer: Researcher █████

Date: ██/████/20██

SCP-2436-1-1: Jesus, they're writing up my post. Get out of here and let me out.

Researcher █████: Ye-yes, that's what I asked you earlier. Do not come in here again.

SCP-2436-1-1: I can't hear you! Jesus, they're throwing me out the window!

Researcher █████: There are a few of us, I'm sure you understand. Think you were more than one step from getting thrown out of here.

SCP-2436-1: Hey there, Agent. It's not like I have to explain anything, I promise.

Researcher █████: It's a verypublic city, you know. Regardless, keep your heads down. We weren't meant for this kind of operation.

SCP-2436-1: Well, until we get out of here. Until we get out of here.

SCP-2436-1: I think we're getting too old. We've ditched the payment and we accelerated the termination. Now I'm stuck.

Researcher █████: However, what is that number?

SCP-2436-1: It doesn't matter. We're unlimited. We've got you caught up. Our Fullbuster. You know, the non-lethal prototype.

SCP-2436-1: Come on, James, I'm not buying season tickets. You're sickening.

SCP-2436-2: You want to sell out to this?

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