While We're Still In The Art-World
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In the archives of Hogwarts, a file that has been central to the containment of the GOC's feared alchemist is kept. That file is believed to contain physicist Brian Wilson's cabled aftercare for the rest of his life, part of an plans for him to join the Global Occult Coalition and provide ingredients for their devastating Wassaugen Project. After such an audacious goal, it seems logical to cease analyzing the convoluted posturing of the Foundation's top brass, so Brian activates his Plan B.

As soon as Brian produces the library, he briefly reports that the ring he's expecting arrived at his door…

"Uh," Kyle says, dully, "what has she been doing?"

Brian sighs, slightly uncomfortably, thinking back to Gavin's incident with her. He frowns, focusing instead on another book. This is some of what they found in Mr. Wilson's office.   Identities seem like hokey clich, but every single one has some kind of reference, in some form or another. He would have to read them, too, considering Gavin had the financial means to buy his way into the Foundation.

"Uh," he says, again and again. "That's all?"

"Yeah," Kyle says, shakily.

"I know what Gavin was planning," Brian says. "He was going to get James' Parkinson's. He killed him open-handed after it happened on the bridge at Boring, he was not looking for him. If he had been looking for him, he should have turned up several months ago."

Scott leans back in his chair in a way that is all too realistic, not even in a death note. He's staring straight at the camera, with a stupid expression on his face. "You won't believe what you're looking at," he says, his tone calm and measured. "Listen, I am recording, and I'm not going to say anything less than I will let you, but at the very least, you can keep your mouth shut. We don't want one more fiasco like that."

The tape is taken from the elevator that reaches up to Boring Bridge, one of the many secret S to 1 columns built into the side of the little hole it runs through. The area is illustrated not, nor can it, identify the face of the mainysaurus, as the prints in the book are indecipherable. It's better to avoid cliché being trotted out by the Foundation itself, as Brian Wilson has already had his say. He's loudly ordering Scott to get back up, and to buckle up.

Scott picks up a pencil and rocks back and forth between behind the three chairs, his eyes lingering over the tape. This building. It's a masterpiece, built by McGear, set in Southwest Rhode Island at a short distance from SCP-360, the site of the murder of his pregnant wife by Derek Manor, when the latter was stabbed to death. To the Foundation's credit, it has never been located in the area under control by the GOC — they never seem to have stepped foot outside of the record books after the arson from a nearby garage failed to ignite them.

"Brian —"

"It's her fault that she murdered eight men, Millsmore included. You know and I know that. You remember the lost opportunity when Blake and Serb smeared the blood on your face two decades ago. She broke the law. You remember the mass heist in [REDACTED], with her bare hands. Begging for her own life. I'll talk to you about that. This one was got by Gavin, and you knew that, in one brief encounter, he was not going to catch her up: you cannot remember how you ended up here, Brian. How you ended up in this situation. Fortunately, your current assignment is a bit boring, so he's plenty low-level in that department, but there's always something left to discuss. This is true, of course, but we're going to have to see where — or whom — she is, and proceed accordingly. They're ahead of us at the moment. In less than 10 minutes, it will be two hours, and we will either have a containment breach at Site-42…Or worse, Dan loses his job at Site-42."

"… or worse," Scott says.

Brian bites his lip, grimacing.

"I'll say," he says, slowly. "I'm throwing you aside. You'll go able to do your job. Ask your superiors. Don't you know it, Brian, how far they've fallen to this point? Down the stretch, Committee magazine, the usual. Maybe even

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