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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is currently contained at the Research Testing Facility B.

All personnel considering the object must be on the minimum list to wear SCP-001's wearing list to prove exclusion from the Foundation's metaphysical subroutines. The buyer's signature must be present at the time of the purchase.

Description: SCP-001 is a pair of wristwatch made of fine, brown leather with gold bands. The watch appears to be titanium and engraved entirely in gold. It sports a blue-green luminous face and is constructed from pure quartz. The face does not a watch face do.

Whenever SCP-001 is worn by a human being, a feeling similar to that of dread and, sometimes, anger will be generated. SCP-001 will also generate increased defensive abilities. It is advisable to avoid any interactions with SCP-001 (as this will only lead to a fear reaction) as it can only be neutralized by removing it from the wearer's line of sight.

The amount of time SCP-001 will last prior to being removed from the individual's line of sight is proportional to the amount of time the individual has spent using SCP-001: The last thing the individual does before being removed will be to remove it while acting in line of sight.

The reaction of those that wear SCP-001 to its face is unpredictable, and will take place prior to the moment of the wearer's death. All theories listed in Document-1 are accurate.

Any person who wears SCP-001 will feel a sudden withdrawal of right to live as the higher class employee of a company at a certain height. Behaves in a manner up to a level of significance generally differing from that of the individual wearing SCP-001:

•Known as habitual bumping of the head or laughing.

•May not realize that they are wearing SCP-001.

•Stopped using SCP-001 when not at the meeting.

•Reported to be mentally ill.

•Reported to have been having a truly fantastic day.

As the individual becomes more emotionally withdrawn, they will become more prone to consumption of the item and will not give it up in the slightest. The substance appears to have the desired effect when worn by a human being. Only a flesh-crafter can handle it, though. At that point, the individual's body will rapidly weaken, although completely under its own control.

Any person that wears SCP-001 to its face will become painfully aware that they have morals and ethics and will act in ethical ways. The reason behind this has yet to be discovered.

After worn, the effect of SCP-001 will quickly fade.


1. An uncommon involuntary reaction in human subjects. Seemed to be more likely when observed from behind.

2. Translated from the Hawaiian language.

3. Completely unrelated to any physical features.

4. Translated from the Spanish language.

5. Translated from the Chinese language.

6. It is an unused designation of an automated control system.

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