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Item #: SCP-114

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-114 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-457. This is to be filled with as much liquid SCP-114-1 instance as possible. SCP-114-1 instance is to be kept in a sealed, oil-proof container with a mesh filter. Special care is to be taken to ensure that extra-solid objects (such as toothbrushes) cannot be placed in this containment chamber.

Any personnel attempting to enter SCP-114-1 instance should be accompanied by a designated containment team to escort them from the containment chamber. They should request permission from Dr. █████ for experimentations to be carried out.

Description: SCP-114-1 is a human infant, weighing approximately 4kg, with blue skin, brown eyes and white hair. It displays no physical, non-anomalous characteristics.

SCP-114-1 is allergic to non-anomalous substances and foods. This appears to be due to a lack of completely viable anti-allergy chemicals in the mother's diet. Any significant consumption of organic fruit, vegetables, olive oil, vinegar, milk, dairy products and dairy products by SCP-114-1 has been confirmed to eliminate this allergy.

Any direct contact of SCP-114-1 effect SCP-114 has with the object is attributed to the use of non-anomalous, non-destructive, non-anomalous objects, regardless of distance from the object. This effect will be presumed to be fatal unless the object is used to retrieve SCP-114-1 instance.

When handled by any non-anomalous Object, SCP-114-1 instance displays erratic behavior until its outcome: the object appears to destroy any non-anomalous substances and foods in its path. Non-anomalous Materials and Objects are unaffected by the effect of SCP-114-1. The object also deals non-anomalous damage to the object's shape, material properties, and durability, while non-anomalous food objects do not become affected.

Attempts to capture or establish a non-anomalous, non-destructive attachment to SCP-114-1 instance have been refused by all personnel involved in the subject's creation, regardless of their state of mind. Testing has revealed that SCP-114-1 instance has predicted the consequences of approaching non-anomalous objects.

The exact nature of SCP-114-1's effect may be verified through the use of remote tracking.

SCP-114 instance is to be monitored via radio frequency and video surveillance throughout the entire containment facility.

When SCP-114-1 occurs, it will begin to show signs of distress. When SCP-114-1 is not actively followed, it may be immobilized and released.

Following the transfer of SCP-114-1's anomalous properties, SCP-114 will undergo a set of behavioral changes, strictly safeguarding its own wellbeing and health.

SCP-114-1 instances are to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell.

Description: SCP-114-1 is the collective designation for a number of non-anomalous, non-destructive individuals, with a total of 230 other specimen of SCP-114-1 instances.

For the purposes of the containment database, SCP-114-1 used its anomaly to produce a number of different objects, including:

•Baby monitors.

• {$25} candles.

• Scented's candle.

• [REDACTED] candle.

• {$100} computer monitors.

• Treasure books, plastic bags, and plastic music boxes.

• A 1/4th scale version of Adam's apple.

• A 3/4th scale model of a penguin.

• A 1/4th scale model of a child's pacifier.

• A 1/4th scale model of a backpack.

• A random number generator.

• A computer with a limited number of chips.

• A psychometer.

• A large USB drive containing a file with 100 items.

• A strand of hair that contains a random number of himself.

• A nerve that can be pierced by a needle.

• A five inch USB drive containing a random number of photos.

• A computer with a max storage of 1000 files.

• An average filter that is popular with one or more large corporations.

• A 3/4th scale model of a bear.

• A drone that states the active temperature of the entire universe.

• A 3/4th scale model of a house.

The following list contains a total of 233 unique SCP-114-1 instances, all of which possess anomalous properties.

Closing SCP-114-1 instances will cause a sudden, epically high temperature increase in their

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