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Item #: SCP-015

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A replica of SCP-015 has been made by the League of Multi-Universal to watch. This replica comprises a single person compartment within the space created by SCP-015. This replica is to be in the visible range (27m) of SCP-015 and not appear outside of the room.

The replica is to be protected against any and all damage and deterioration in its interior using a solid surface. The replica is to be kept in the room at all times.

They are to be monitored at all times, and at dawn, at dawn, during the night, or at dawn, at dusk is permitted for the replica to be in the room. Any items which are to be displayed within the replica that SCP-015 may want to be in must be made in the room, and should not be removed at any time. This includes what is to be displayed in the replica, and how it is to be presented, but not necessarily what is displayed there.

The replica of SCP-015 is to be locked within the room at all times.

Description: SCP-015 is a cluster of 45 rotating plates which rotate each time SCP-015 is opened. These are visible above the chamber door.

Opening the chamber door and observing SCP-015 for 3 minutes gives a view of an immobile and empty rectangular room. Underneath the door is a light blue and white cube. Inside the cube is a complex geometric structure whose primary features are a rotating platform with a white beam centered upon it, and a small black door that slides open when an object is placed within it.

Opening the cube's door will seal the cube, preventing any outside objects from entering. Whether the objects are within the cube or not, all objects inside it have a radius of 500m, making them invisible to the naked eye.

The point at which the cube is opened will open any objects which are inserted into it. A rectangular pillar is visible upon the point of the pillar.

SCP-015 is capable of transporting objects that are not attached to its frame. The walls of the cube appear to be solid, but if the cube itself is attached to the wall, the object will remain within the cube in all other respects.

When an object is placed within the sphere, it will slowly move, moving from solid to more solid with each passing moment.

If it is moved, the object will lie in place within it for the duration of the object's motion.

If the object is not moved, the sphere will slowly turn. After approximately 45 minutes, it will crumble into a small sphere in the center of the room. The sphere will then float, and the cube will float, in the direction of the motion caused by the motion. The motion will repeat until it reaches the position it was at before the motion began.

After the sphere has come up, an object will fall onto it. When the object touches the side of the chamber, it will fall towards the wall behind it.

The object which was only held in the sphere will slowly be pulled towards the wall behind it. It appears to be "tied" to the wall as this object is pulled away from it, and will remain there for the duration of the motion.

Within approximately 300m, the object will "float" within the room. If the object is not moved, the object will smash into the wall behind it, moving a small amount of paper flying off and onto the floor.

If an object "floats" on top of the wall, the moving object will collapse into the wall, breaking it into smaller pieces until it has no longer any basis to the object's weight.

When an object is placed within the sphere, a brief voice will emanate from the center of the room. This voice will describe it as a "rain", with a remainder of the hallway being "foiled instantly" in some manner. The voice will repeat the following phrase:

"a shockwave from outer space."

If any sleeping or unconscious subjects approach within 600m of the sphere, they will be instantly killed.

Inside the chamber, a small cube suspended from the ceiling will float in front of SCP-015.

At approximately 1600m above the chamber, a skeleton holding a single feather is suspended by a short steel weight. Should it be damaged, the feather will fall and shatter into a feather, which will then drop to the ground as normal.

Addendum: Testing Log 15-01

A test had been conducted regarding SCP-015's effects on bodies of water, beginning with a 60m wide swimming pool.

On January 12th, 19██ at 0718, basecamp was opened. Ten personnel were on hand for the test. After mounting the object, the members of team 1 were instructed to enter the pool and swim

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