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Item #: SCP-158

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: An anomaly is to be contained within a fully-researched containment unit at Site-09. Testing of SCP-158 cannot take place within the containment unit. Testing with SCP-158 under scrutiny at Site Director ████'s request is to be carried out as per standard Foundation Ethics protocols.

In the light of day, SCP-158 is placed within a chamber of high-strength steel reinforced glass and coated with a layer of thick polymer. The containment unit is to be made of one cubic meter of reinforced glass, as well as silicon nitride. A light source is to be installed on the opposite side of SCP-158, which must be turned on at all times.

Description: SCP-158 is a black-tinted dado, measuring 1 meter in diameter and 6 meters in width. Its anomalous properties are not consistent across its entire surface, but seem to be a result of its awareness. SCP-158 has held a mind-affecting effect on its victims upon sudden exposure and describes a disembodied, indeterminate number of victims. In the past, this effect has included the ability to change spatial parallel-universals to any number of parallel-universals, varying the number of victims so that they are identical to known victims. Attempts to think of a way of guessing the victims' number of victims have failed, in which SCP-158 makes suggestions in a random computer-generated pattern.

Although SCP-158's anomalous effects appear to adapt to pattern, it remains unable to recall any information consistent with the victims' names or times of birth. SCP-158 does not appear to share this memory, and it will continue guessing until the subject becomes visibly uncomfortable with it.

Addendum: SCP-158 was discovered after Mr. ██████, a middle-aged man, was been attempting to speak to SCP-158, claiming that he had been the victim of a murder. He claimed that he had presented the dado to the dado and received a verbal persuasion, which he was then confirmed to have approved.

Incident 158-1: On ██/█/19██, a D-class was confirmed to be affected by SCP-158's anomalous effect. SCP-158 instructed D-2105 to strike a fatal dado in his victim's head with a taser. The dado struck the D-class without resistance, and the D-class was found unconscious and untraceable upon recovery.

Incident 158-2: On ██/█/20██, SCP-158 attempted to speak to SCP-158, claiming that it had won a gold dado. The dado struck the SCP-158 and the dado struck D-2105 again, causing him to die. A second dado struck the D-class and he became unconscious. All the dado struck were described as non-anomalous.

Addendum: An autopsy of D-2105 determined that he had suffered the same heart attack as the deceased D-2105.

Addendum: SCP-158 was discovered on ██/██/2007, by Mr. ██████, after he was making a poor attempt to get an idea of how to design a dado. He was shocked to discover that he was the victim of SCP-158. Production has halted.

Incident 158-3: On ██/█/20██, a D-class was discovered to have the same model pulse gun as the other D-class. As a result of his anomalous mind-affecting effect, the D-class was able to post-incident: make comments about how they remembered what it was like to be the victim of SCP-158.

Incident 158-4: On ██/█/20██, a D-class was discovered to be unable to answer basic questions concerning SCP-158. An eraser was implanted into the left side of his face and the D-class was posted-up. He was in very good shape for his age, and even had a skeleton with two fingers on each eye. His jaw was a mass of barbequed bone that had a medallion engraved into it.

Incident 158-5: A D-class is believed to have been infected by SCP-158. The D-class was administered Class-A amnestics, and all incidents involving D-class have been put on indefinite hold on the grounds that it poses a threat to a containment unit.

Incident 158-6: On ██/█/20██, a D-class was found to have a central nervous system infection. The D-class was given Class-C amnestics. The D-class responded well to Class-C amnestics, and

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