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Item #: SCP-180

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-180 is to be kept in a non-anomalous, standard containment locker at Site-██. A list of known SCP-180 specimens is available for personnel with Level 2 or higher security clearance. Notes and scans of SCP-180 are exempt from this procedure.

Description: SCP-180 is an eighteen-foot-tall non-anomalous rabbit that displays anomalous behavior. It has been observed to be able to converse with any human, regardless of language barrier or cultural identity. This has been determined to be a result of SCP-180's anomalous effect. Although the reason for SCP-180's anomalous ability is currently unknown, it is currently suspected that it is a species-specific ability.

SCP-180 will only talk to humans in the presence of additional subjects. It will not communicate normally with humans of any other species.

SCP-180's anomalous abilities become apparent when it speaks with human subjects. SCP-180 will eventually gain sufficient proficiency in conversing with human subjects, even in non-anomalous languages, and will speak in their native language. SCP-180 will often use a variety of words to describe its ideas, even when the subject has not been aware of them. This phrase is commonly used to refer to SCP-180's thoughts and goals.

No human has been verified to know SCP-180, and no containment procedures exist. Thus, SCP-180 may be taught a great variety of languages and dialects — although all confirmed cultures have scheduled courses of Persic, Middle and Late Roman Language Courses. However, SCP-180 has demonstrated a limited knowledge of Roman Catholic theology — though it is highly fluent in the language.

During a test of SCP-180's language-awareness, it deciphered the phrase "We are all babies, and we are all born with a seed in our mouths. The Serpent's Hand overworks the unborn."

While it is possible for SCP-180 to learn other languages and dialects, it has not yet succeeded in such an effort.

In order to test SCP-180's apparent knowledge of things outside of its native tongue, both SCP-180 and one of its containment personnel, identified as Mr. P. Patchedley, have been instructed to enter large salt mine-based canyon. When instructed, SCP-180 will formally introduce itself as the "Emil, the Primitive Breeding". Control personnel will then request permission to train SCP-180 in the study of non-anomalous languages and dialects.

Immediately afterwards, SCP-180 will begin shapeshifting into the form of a desert animal. This change is observed to be immediate. Given this, it is currently hypothesized that SCP-180 may possess ANTI-ANOMALY capability.

Due to SCP-180's anomalous abilities, it is unknown how SCP-180 was able to learn Roman Catholicism.

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