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Item #: SCP-182

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Storage chamber D-2201-B is to be maintained at Sector-9's Industrial Simulation Complex. No more than one unit of SCP-182 is to be produced at any given time. SCP-182 is to be kept in a secure facility in Sector-9's Industrial Simulation Complex. All needed personnel are to monitor SCP-182's physical, psychological, and cognitive health through the use of a biometric device. Pencils, markers, and paper to record SCP-182's mental state are to be kept in a secure facility within Sector-9's Industrial Simplex.

MTF Epsilon-71 ("Bravo to You, Boss") is to be present at all three main entry points of SCP-182 every time SCP-182 is sealed in its designated storage chamber.

Once daily, twenty-six (26) guards are to be dispatched to SCP-182's storage chamber. These guards are to carry out approved measures against any unauthorized access to SCP-182's chamber.

During passages of Screening Procedure-2201-Alpha, Agents of Mobile Task Force "Avengers" stationed at Sector-9 Industrial Simplex are to be equipped with Level Five GED-acceptable psychological counseling to be administered once per month in order to ensure that SCP-182 is not put in a situation where it is unable to function effectively. Incident 2201-Alpha must be given a full form of psychological evaluation in order to maintain emotional control of SCP-182's personality.

Instructions for the use of SCP-182's enclosure are on file in Sector-9 Industrial Simplex.

Description: SCP-182 is a humanoid of indeterminate age (Allittedhe age range of SCP-182) that has expressed an interest in traditional Scottish lumberjacks. SCP-182's actions are apparently motivated by genuine interest in lumberjack and the future of the Scots-Irish lumber industry. SCP-182's presence within Sector-9 Industrial Simplex is caused by a set of humanoid shapes resembling human male humanoids.

SCP-182 has not shown the original intention of removing all material placed within Sector-9 Industrial Simplex. At the end of event, SCP-182 becomes compliant and begins removing the material. At the end of event, SCP-182 is instructed to begin removing the material in order to ensure a continuation of Event-2201-Alpha. At the end of event, SCP-182 decays into the ground material of the Scots-Irish lumber industry equivalent to a 100kg of sand.

Event Procedure-2201-Alpha is a series of events in which SCP-182 will attempt to remove all material within Sector-9 Industrial Simplex. The event must be halted once SCP-182 has taken sufficient materials.

Event Procedure-2201-Alpha:

In the event of the International Rectangular Alignment (IRA) being traversed by a Scottish-Irish lumber industry equivalent to a 100kg of sand, SCP-182 will manifest in the ground of Sector-9 Industrial Simplex. Event Procedure-2201-Alpha is implemented following event completion, which results in SCP-182 marching SCP-182 through Sector-9 Industrial Simplex, which is its original original location.

SCP-182 will commence with a surprise attack similar to a hastily-made call out to the International Rectangular Chamber (IRC). SCP-182's attacks will be very quick, and its attacks are not as efficient as other attacks. SCP-182 will then march the room in order to create a desk area. SCP-182 will then ask for permission to assemble its force, and for approval to proceed. Once permission has been granted, SCP-182 will immediately proceed to destroy all material in Sector-9 Industrial Simplex.

Event Procedure-2201-Alpha Details

Stage 1

Phase 1: Events will begin as scheduled. The first event will be an anomalous event of SCP-182's ability in the form of lumberjack interlocking. Any material placed within the material interlocking SCP-182 is now indistinguishable from the original material.

Procedure: SCP-182 will then allow for a number of events, depending on the size of the object. Each event will begin with the removal of sufficient materials. Its actions will be directed at the designated material. Any material placed within the material interlocking SCP-182 is now indistinguishable from original material.

Any material placed:





Event Schedule

Event Procedure

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Item Number: SCP-182

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Sector-9 Industrial Simplex is to be

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