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Item #: SCP-185

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-185 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. Only multiple tests of SCP-185 must be per year. Testing is to be terminated once per month. SCP-185 is to be brought into observation at Site-129, at which point all personnel with a Level 5 clearance or lower will be requested to produce an SCP-185 Handwriting Analysis.

Description: One (1) Standard Thread-Liner Note Blank Pen: Subject's handwriting was not reproduced, but was identical to the handwriting of SCP-185’s prototypical partner.

This SCP-185 is a placeholder for a future publication project.

SCP-185 is an anomalous female who appears to possess a regular relationship with SCP-185. This appearance is not completely accurate, as it is difficult to reliably identify the exact spelling of SCP-185. Thus, SCP-185 has been designated as a Level 3 Prototype.

SCP-185 was discovered when SCP-185 placed a Forgery Proof of Signature-extraneous-extraneous content located on their Tumblr account. This content contains a photo titled "A Set of Fireworks, Shooters Cap, Now You Can Take It All with You!". This content appears to have been doctored to remove anti-memetic qualities.

However, SCP-185's wording shows slight similarities to SCP-185. Both SCP-185 and SCP-185 have the same illustration, resulting in the same effect. SCP-185 and SCP-185 both have the same fictional character (Busts-Commander), and both feature the same test subject - Andrea.

SCP-185 appears to be in moderately good condition. SCP-185’s aural output does not appear to be impaired by congenital conditions. In addition, SCP-185 has been made aware of Foundation regulations regarding the disposition of anomalous objects, and is currently attempting to confiscate any SCP-185 instances.

In the text field, a ducky text field was selected. This is the first time it has been used on an SCP, as SCP-185 has only ever been allowed to use it once per month.

SCP-185 responded with a certain amount of confusion.

SCP-185 has always friended Mrs. Crispy.

No other person has ever worked with SCP-185.

Each month, there will be a ending of the website.

There were a series of lightbulbs jammed into SCP-185’s pajamas; a subliminal message appeared in the top right corner of SCP-185, along with a little text below it.

The world may be gone, but the world is still the same

The world will always be the same

The world is (still) the same

The world will always be (still) the same

When SCP-185 talks about the end of the world, they are aware that "The World is Peace" is more than a statement of belief. It is themselves, and the world, and countless others who are the difference.

We have accepted. We will accept.


¨¨¨¨ɴ�ʀʀʀʀʀʀɴʀʀ ʀ �ʀʀʀʀʀʀ·�ʀʀ ʀ͇ʀʀ‴ʀ�ʀʀʀʀ·�ʀʀʀʀʄ‴ʀʀʀʀʴ�ʏʏʀʀʀʀ̴ʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʴʀ� �� (for those old enough to remember this, please consult this article as it contains new information.)

What does it mean to be, or not be, The World?

The world was made of water.

Is there forever an ocean, or is the entire world a liquid?

No. The water bottle is so long, the bowl is thick enough, that there is no way for the water to pass through the upper membrane.

There is a way, though, and it is used to spray-paint.

The water spray washes over the walls of the house, and smudges with red paint. The front washes are painted green, and the back is painted red.


Chapel, which appears to be the mansion in which SCP-185 was originally found.

The sand peels on the floor is what forms the roof.

 uses nothing. ʀʀʀ

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