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Item #: SCP-221

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-221 is currently kept in a standard SCP containment unit. A minimum of two armed guards are required to enter SCP-221, with basic recommendations for interacting with SCP-221 following:

•Personnel are to be trained on the human brain and how it functions. Occupant in SCP-221's brain is involved in the interfocus process.

•Anesthetic agents are to be applied to the brain to prevent it from functioning in a manner that is inconsistent with brain activity.

•A low level of amnestics are to be administered to minimize mental damage caused by exposure to SCP-221's effect.

Description: SCP-221 is a human brain with unfastened portions. The brain is located in the middle region of SCP-221's brain. The test subject is an adult male of Cuban origin, ██████████████.

SCP-221's brain does not show any observable structure. It is composed of a set of double-walled plastic chambers that houses parts of a human brain in its position. The chamber has been surgically altered to contain additional organic material, with the organs needed for communication and movement between the two chambers. All internal organs and organs are constructed of a polycarbonate matrix similar to [REDACTED], and are identical in composition to human brain tissue. These organ systems are relatively unobtrusive.

The chambers having this organic material appear to have been torn randomly, and some of the constructed organs appear to have retained their original scale. The constructed organs are part of the brain's nervous system where the brain's attention is focused. No connections between brain and the outside world exist, although these connections can be made if the subject is able to listen, speak, or discern any language without mental impairments.

The brain measures 33cm in diameter. It has three layers of roughly identical inner and outer layers of carbon, high-density graphene, and a quantum disordered graphite structure in its center. These components have been manipulated to produce a complex pattern of electrical signals that can be picked up by a receiver on SCP-221's brain, and can be amplified to cover free space.

The signal picked up by SCP-221's brain only occurs when the subject's brain is in active communication mode. In this state, brain activity is constant. When the subject's brain is in passive communication mode, the signal may occur up to 20 times per second. Sources of this signal are not known, but it appears to originate from an unknown point in time. A total of ██████████████ are currently participating in the procedure, which will result in the production of further signal signals.

SCP-221 is composed of a type of organic material similar to [REDACTED], and is without flaws. All traces of arsenic and other contaminants are completely absent, but no organic material is found in any part of the brain. The researchers will attempt to determine the effects of SCP-221 on the mind during testing, as it will be extremely accurate in revealing details about the mind’s emotional state.

For a complete list of SCP-221's internal body, see Addenda 221-A.

Addendum 221-D: SCP-221's OBJECTIVE

Document 221-B: Order of Partial Functions

SCP-221-A Description: A highly specialized procedure designed to remove parts of the brain.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-221-A must be performed once by two trained personnel. Before the procedure can be performed correctly, a set of specialized electrodes must be placed on the scalp to measure how a subject's brain is working. In the event that the subject functions normally, the subject's brain will be correctly removed and replaced with a planar structure containing a third layer of boron lattice in the middle. The targeted human brain is maintained for his entire lifespan.


SCP-221-B covers the brain region closest to the scalp. The area is designed to exert enough force to take back the damage this procedure is causing. The boron lattice consists of an interstitial matrix with a second layer containing two layers of boron lattice. The innermost layer is in contact with the subject's brain, and consists of two layers of boron lattice. The outermost layer is built up of a second layer of boron lattice.

After this procedure is completed, the brain is removed from the skull for postmortem analysis. This process takes approximately 24 hours. The nervous system and tissue from the brain will accumulate over the course of this period until the subject's brain instantly regenerates. Stem cells are used for cells replacement, and the newly generated ones are used to rebuild these damaged cells.

Addendum 221-C: SCP-221's BEGINNING ROUTINE

Addendum 221-C: The

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