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Item #: SCP-223

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-223 is to be kept in a standard safe-class containment locker in Site-43. SCP-223's tank is to be filled one day a week with 50mL of water (equivalent to 150mL of water in a standard set). SCP-223's tank should be monitored via remote probe throughout all hours; intellectual capacity tests performed by Dr. ██████ confirm SCP-223's ability to do so without resistance.

Description: SCP-223 is a steel deadmore, attesting to its anomalous properties.

SCP-223's anomalous properties manifest at any time in a human that sits in a pool of water. An individual with a reasonable level of intellectual ability will be able to use SCP-223. When exposed to a pool of water, that individual will begin to use SCP-223 as if they were swimming in it. Over the course of an extended period of exposure to water, the subject will become at least half-level-three in any Engineering or Science course they have taken.

Cases of SCP-223-1 develop over the course of approximately 10 minutes to an estimated 4 hours of swimming. As the subject is exposed to water, instances of SCP-223-1 will begin to form. They can be identified as either instances of SCP-223-1 or instances of SCP-223-2.

SCP-223-2 instances have human-shaped, insectoid, metallic appendages carved into the skin of the subject. When exposed to water, instances will begin to overlay the skin. Once fully formed, instances of SCP-223-2 will wrap around the subject's internally, and begin to shrink. Over the course of an approximately 3-hour exposure, subject will be able to force this kind of contraction of their abscesses, which has been recorded to be nearly instantaneous.

SCP-223-1 instances themselves have a shell made of modified human skin. Once immersed in a pool of water, these instances will revert to a shell of any other material, and will continue to bear any resemblance to the subject.

Addendum: Containment Site-43 is the fifth-most-industrialized in the world, but still has the lowest overall lifespan of any containment site. The irregularity of SCP-223's life cycle has been measured to be at least ten times worse than the average human, whose day is shorter by two hours. With low fathibility, Foundation personnel are hesitant to use SCP-223, despite the potential damage to containment facilities if the process are not successfully completed.

Item #: SCP-223

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-223 is to be contained in a standard Safe storage unit in Site-43. It is to remain on a routine watchlist of low risk entities, but watchlists and entries are to be kept secret from the SCP-223 Intelligence Division. A monitoring team has been assigned to SCP-223's containment unit.

Description: SCP-223 is a deceased human that exhibits an anomalous effect in any known project. Usually, entities representing the Foundation or the O5 Council sign off on surreptitious copies of SCP-223's last planned project before death. These copies have been found to contain relevant information, and are most often misquoted and edited.

Any present documents or plans relating to SCP-223's work have been known to contain SCP-223-1 instances, several of which have been seen to be triggered retroactively. Their anomalous properties dissolve the pages of any documents or drafts, and the former persons themselves will no longer be remembered.

SCP-223 has been unaffected for over a century due to MTF Delta-2's protection of their leader.

Addendum: In 2008, an attempt was made to track SCP-223's last known project. The Foundation's records indicate that, with the encouragement of O5 brainwaves, MTF Epsilon-1 ("All-New-Orderers") was able to locate and locate SCP-223 before its undiscovered properties became evident. Analysis of photographs taken during their hunting of SCP-223 (originally documented by Gamma-1) revealed SCP-223-1 instances to be conscious copies of SCP-223-3, a MTF operative captured by Gamma-1. The ability to travel through time had come to Foundation; it was expected that Foundation personnel would be able to detect SCP-223-1 instances every six months. MTF Epsilon-1's capture of Gamma-1 was highly embarrassing, but it did not lead to deterioration of Foundation operations; the lack of a warning was inarguably a basic courtesy. The Foundation began to use SCP-223-1 individuals as Foundation operatives.

Addendum: In recent years, the use of SCP-223-1 instances to monitor Foundation networked Foundation assets has become commonplace

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