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Item #: SCP-225

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-225-A is contained in the remote containment unit in Storage Site-29 at the █████ ██████ Scientific Storage Center. Maintenance of SCP-225-A is to be done by two Security staff. Staff personnel are not permitted to access the containment unit. As SCP-225-A is to be contained at a temperature of approximately 0█ degrees Celsius, the containment unit is to be fitted with a continuous-flow, oxygen-rich oxygenation system. All Foundation resources, including Foundation personnel, are to be kept at a constant rate of oxygen consumption. In addition, personnel are to be given daily intensive oxygen supplementation of at least 500 milliliters.

Additionally, all experimental personnel with Foundation clearance are to be granted special exceptions from containment procedures.

Description: SCP-225-A is the collective designation for a group of anomalous substances. The majority of SCP-225-A is a wide variety of glass-like substances. The aim of SCP-225-A is to spread its anomalous properties through different types of glass, any spatial approximation to which this would lead to. It is presumed that SCP-225-A is sentient, and displays anomalous traits, while its primary anomalous properties are otherwise presumed to complement and not detract from the rest of the entity.

As of ██/██/1994, the nature of SCP-225-A is steadily evolving. SCP-225-A's anomalous traits were detected in several types of glass in storage at the [REDACTED] facility, and as such SCP-225-A has been assigned the designation of a Keter-class object.

A new instance of SCP-225-A is currently contained in the warehouse of the ████ ████████ Scientific Storage Center. This instance is designated SCP-佐-A. SCP-佐-A is intelligent, and is currently contained as a Keter-class object.

As of ██/██/1994, SCP-225-A will be automatically placed an SCP-030 containment unit at the ████ ██████ Scientific Storage Center. The following code will be written in the code page of the SCP-230 containment unit:

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