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Item #: SCP-232

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-232 is to be placed in an external containment chamber in Site-██. This containment chamber is to be equipped with a 10-meter acrylic plate, placed in the center of a 10-meter round tubing, with a 20-meter diameter circle of solid rubber around it. SCP-232 is to be placed on one of these walls. In the event that SCP-232 is viewed by multiple people, the nearest one is to be placed on top of one of the walls with a wire bridge. Should an apparent person on one of the walls become able to observe SCP-232 for more than 2 minutes, they are to be interrogated about SCP-232. If the suspect successfully receives the information they expect it to be, they will be disposed of.

Description: SCP-232 appears to be a small golden statue depicting a human chained to a stone throne. SCP-232 also shows signs of psychological trauma:

However, this trauma is not unique to SCP-232. Subjects will also feel tremendous fascination and trepidation over the statues depicted in the SCP-232 statue. They will not understand the concept of their own light, as well as numbing pain during the isolation process.

Due to the above content, subjects should not pose SCP-232 in any suspicious or offensive manner.

In the event that SCP-232 poses a threat to the Foundation, the statue can be moved to a nearby containment chamber.

Picture 3

A copy of images taken of SCP-232

Description: SCP-232 is a statue depicting a human chained to a stone throne. SCP-232 has been found to be so damaged that several figures of general likeness are mistaken for the creature. The original statue has been displayed by the Australian National Museum, with its current owner's personal belongings.

A copy of images taken of SCP-232

One month after its discovery, researcher Joho Gaines captured SCP-232 in a video recording.

Addendum 1: SCP-232's discovery continued with the discovery of a large humanoid figure with numerous bits of machinery connected to the eye of the statue, a human bolted to the face, a group of records cut into huge sheets of paper and a single small piece of paperzoned-up piece of paperzoned-up baggy paper from the street (an apparent pipe pipe). Spirit Dust used to draw SCP-232's eyes appears to be of the same color, but with small white spots and mottled shadows.

The statue's eye was found at Site-██ during a routine scan of Agent Richter's permanent residence on his property (his room was later determined to be an abandoned drug laboratory with all the electronics and computers fenced in).

Addendum 2: SCP-232 was recovered from the site after an argument between a man and his wife over a recent purchase. The ballad "Bakeness" interspersed with a voiceover in a latin, unknown to their other from previous witnesses, claimed someone had stolen the statue. The woman had claimed the statue was a dork and said that she did not see why it was stolen, as well as a friend of hers. The woman was later discharged from the hospital and was later relocated to a different facility with more psychological support. A search of her apartment revealed the statue, which was found to contain two small gold-colored quartz rings. A probe was used to remove the bronze ballad from her apartment.

SCP-232, now in containment, appears to be unable to move or speak, requiring a power source for speaking, and exhibits signs of psychological trauma.

Interview Log 232-B

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Last recorded interaction with SCP-232.

Dr. █████: Alright, this is Dr. █████. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I'm going to be going to some kind of secure facility, and I'm hoping that they've given me some kind of permission to show me things.

SCP-232: Yeah, sure. I've never been this kind of person before, either, but it's been nice. They put me on a pedestal and I am happy to help.

Dr. █████: Interesting. Can you tell me what you're looking for now?

SCP-232: I want to see if someone helped me out. I think that one thing I can't understand is why it is. I know how to do it, but I can't really understand why.

Dr. █████: Is there anything you'd be willing to send in return?

SCP-232: Well, I don't know how to do it. So maybe I can ask someone to bring me up? I have some sort of pen in my pocket, and maybe I

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