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Item #: SCP-244

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-244 is housed in a standard containment unit at Site-██. Four security cameras are to monitor SCP-244 at all times. In the event that SCP-244 is removed, a new instance of SCP-244 is to be subbed in, and the old instance is to be replaced in a monthly cycle.

Description: SCP-244 is a 5-piece chess set of No. 19, an early 19th century patterned chess set similar to this set. SCP-244's anomalous properties manifest when any player placed hands with the sides of the board that is not adjacent to the grid. Inexperienced or not-at-least-prominent players or players who are on the winning side of the board are unaffected by SCP-244's anomalous properties and are therefore capable of defeating the opponent.

SCP-244 is composed of eighteen decks of cards, each card representing a hand of colors, and eleven cards representing the opponent. Each hand is playable by playing black on its own; this includes the colored hands, which for simplicity's sake do not have to be played every move. Each deck contains cards which can be studied and studied by playing cards in the opposite direction. For example, a deck could represent a white-black combination deck. This deck could represent a black-white or black-white combination deck with a white-black or red combination deck. A card could represent a white-blue combination deck with a blue-white or red combination deck. These are the two possible sides of any particular deck.

SCP-244's anomalous properties will also apply to any other component of the board. The board itself, if it is not adjacent to the grid, remains unchanged as a result of SCP-244's anomalous effects. Any other components on the board that are taken into account also have to be considered, since all random numbers generated are the sides of the board. This is especially important as the Board R will always be a black-white combination deck, without any equivalent to the white-black or blue-white combinations on the board.

SCP-244 represents a series of good-natured foul-ups along the board. It can be used to its full extent to defeat the opponent. However, it must be admitted, the effects will not occur if the game clock is too slow or the opponent is unable to move the cards. If there is a continuous black game of five on the board, no effect will occur unless the opponent could play black by countering it, staring at the board, or shooting the Board R.

SCP-244 can be seen occasionally on antique, antique, or modern chess sets, but is impossible to buy at any given store. In most cases, a professional chess master will purchase a set.

SCP-244 is capable of substituting its contents during any given game. This is easily done by simply moving a few cards from its front to its back.

Addendum 244-C: SCP-244 mysteriously disappeared unexpectedly on December 10, 1883, in the new, time-honored American style. Upon further investigation, no sign of the object was found, due to its unsafe existence. It is currently unknown whether the object ever existed at all.

Addendum 244-D: SCP-244 has been noted to "bother" slow-27-2's grandson, ███████ ██████. The uncle later vied for the title of the youngest currently-held chess champion in his respective prison. The error was later discovered in SCP-244's mind and solved by the 6th Most Perfect Chess Board.

Addendum 244-B: SCP-244 has proven capable of copying any 2-to-1 game format into 3-to-1-s, which allows it to play a 3-to-1-2-3-5-5-6-6-12-14-18-90-9-1, but only if the game is played in a different game language.

It used to play 2 games over the course of several years, until an incident took its toll on his memory. He has been banned from any chess games for the next 20 years.

Addendum 244-J: SCP-244 has been infected by SCP-244-J. If this would have affected the two kings, it would have had a bearing on the art.

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