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Item #: SCP-256

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-256 is to be stored in a standard Safe-class containment facility. Access to SCP-256 should only be issued to a Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-256 is the collective designation for the books and journals of Thomas Jefferson, including his long-flayed remains. Each stack of SCP-256 contains a stack of little paper-covered copies of Thomas Jefferson's writings, resembling their remains.

All pages of SCP-256 are covered with a print of the Jefferson name embossed above the title page; the Jefferson name is grouped in the same font used to label Jefferson's journals. Each page also has its own photograph on it.

SCP-256 is capable of self-replicating (i.e. copying, "hiking" and similar "obsessive behaviors"), although there is no reliable way to tell if "hiking" applies to the process. Subjects who attempt to copy SCP-256 and/or convert books to other forms of literature usually arrive at a "hiking" situation.

SCP-256 has been proven empty at all times, much of this time being spent traveling to libraries and doing the same thing on foot. It has, however, displayed a persistent habit of sharing its journals with other researchers.

Note from Mr. ██████████: As I was being pulled out of my house in Lexington, I found the following note beside my house. I have been travelling to Jefferson's house for a long time. I had never realized how many of these things I had brought, but it was awesome. I have no idea how I find them, but one day it will be easier than ever to check. I have to say it was the best thing ever.

I'm going to take Jefferson's first wife.


1. are: board game, journey

2. are: board game

3. are: board game, traveling the world

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