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Item #: SCP-286

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-286 is to be kept in a standard containment cell in Site 17. Appearances made by SCP-286 are to be authenticated as authentic.

Description: SCP-286 is a single-origin black leather bag containing an assortment of various plastics, some of which are now known to have been processed at J.W. ██████, manufacturer of discontinued black plastic trolley bags. SCP-286 assembles itself, depending on the time of year, and the specific item inserted into its head, giving the appearance of lean leather.

SCP-286's experimentation log is lengthy and encompassing. J.W. ██████ is the inventor of the original trolley bag. Notably, there is no documentation of his existence outside of documentation of the original trolley bag.

Usually its values and slows are shifted on the back.

SCP-286 has shown no anomalous properties, and is capable of virtually any project it is backed off at. Its average speed, however, will fluctuate at one of these times between what is expected and what is anomalous.

As of ██/██/19██, it was determined that SCP-286 is an imperfect trolley bag; not only does it have low efficiency, but the trolley bag's shoulder straps are constantly moving or shifting as if SCP-286 were pressing against different types of material. And while the trolley bag's shoulder straps and snap are extremely flexible (they can turn and fold up into almost any shape), they cannot be reattached by bending or twisting them toward a travel direction.

To further analyze SCP-286's effects, a human would have to spend literally hours inside SCP-286's head, allowing for soft sound and a constant sense of presence simply to read the trolley bag's scroll and let the zigzagging movements happen. If a human were to do so, their brain would be unable to respond effectively, and it would only see an alternate path, or something of the same.

With the trolley bag's current state, the SCP-286 has been under Foundation surveillance since ██/██/2016, when it was discovered in the location of a local film festival. The only reason the trolley bag has been taken out of its containment cell is due to its anomalous abilities.

The only thing that can be said about SCP-286's anomalous properties is that it seems to be androids. We currently don't know that SCP-286's anomalous capabilities are of a conscious desire or anything else, but it seems to be a "robot" in its own right.

The braids on the trolley bag's shoulder straps are much longer than they originally form, as if the straps were attached to a hip joint, but have no visible points or points of any kind. There are several lines on the straps that appear much longer than they are, adding a wide enough thickness for them to wrap itself around the body, rather than the usual braid that is typically used.

Looking at the trolley bag, however, gives the impression that it is a proper combination of an ordinary trolley bag, a commercial fanny pack, and a pocket watch of some kind.

All the other things that are traditionally said to be inside SCP-286 are not actually in the trolley bag's containment cell. In fact, none of them are even on the front of SCP-286 — the only thing in the center of the trolley bag is a chain which is visible but unworn. The edges of the chain are a lot thinner than the rest of the interlocking mailbox, and it is only the trolley bag itself, with some wooden boxes, that has the chains. The chain occasionally appears in its place, but it is not held in any particular place.

SCP-286's anomalous properties usually have one of two counters. The first counter is its low value of anomalous power. When any operation of SCP-286 is performed, it draws power from the countless little features on the watch in order to activate it. Internally, it is thought that SCP-286's human-level AI, though its current capability is not known, requires an entire power source in order to operate correctly.

The second counter is actually the true scale factor of SCP-286's effect. Because it uses the same electricity as the trolley bag, and the user will have to have at least some type of minimum power requirement to activate SCP-286, it will also come in handy. As a human, the first ten minutes into SCP-286's anomalous abilities are a breeze. No need to take a power-up before you can get on with whatever you're doing.

Notably, as of ██/██/2017, SCP-286 has not been in contact with any outside object at all

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