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Item #: SCP-297

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-297 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber, with additional provisions for the recovery of any SCP-297-A instances that are discovered. In the event of SCP-297 being damaged, it is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber.

Description: SCP-297 is a human, A. 2991, formerly the caretaker of SCP-239, who has been designated SCP-297-1. SCP-297 has been used for the purposes of observation and study; due to his anomalous properties, SCP-297-1 is capable of collecting and storing items as well as feeding animals. Under no circumstances is SCP-297 to be left alone in any form, except for research and containment.

SCP-297-1 has the following anomalous qualities:

•His eyes are a humanoid's.

•His skin and hair are constructs of a humanoid's in a similar way.

•His spine and limbs are capable of feeling the environment.

•His arms and hands are artificial.

•The possibility of auditory hallucinations has been noted.

Due to previous therapy and cognitive techniques , SCP-297 has been able to communicate in English, Japanese, and Upper Paleolithic Spanish.

SCP-297 was recovered from the residence of SCP-239 following Incident 9██-00.

To addendum 31-Pozo: SCP-297-1 has written a letter to SCP-297, containing formality and polite words.

I'm sorry, but it seems I'm a rare person. It's not only that I can't speak though I'm learning and immigrating, I can't even understand the words I write. I will correct this thoroughly.

I will update my data records, but I just want to go home and do what I have always wanted to do. Earl keeps telling me to move to somewhere to work but I don't want to move to anyone.

Dr. ████████

Addendum 31-Pozo-3

SCP-299 was recovered from the residence of SCP-239 on 05/20/2012 in ██████, ██, after reports of violent crime had been reported in ██████████ ████. Instances of SCP-299 were recovered alongside SCP-239, along with various furniture and bins.

SCP-299 was confiscated by Foundation operatives and secured on site before being liquidated.

Addendum 31-Pozo-4

SCP-299 was recovered along with SCP-239, SCP-342, and SCP-1356 on 16/18/2015 from the residence of Dr. █████ ██████. As the house is in the downtown area, Foundation operatives were dispatched to secure the house and prevent recovery of SCP-299.

It has been noted that SCP-299 was among the remains of SCP-████.

Addendum 31-Pozo-5

A clump of SCP-299 was discovered on a nearby property in ██████ on 14/10/2018, approximately 11 years after SCP-████ was recovered, along with SCP-299, SCP-346, and SCP-105.

Continued interviews of SCP-299 have shown no further anomalous properties after the clump was recovered.

Addendum 31-Pozo-6

On 24/03/2014, SCP-298 was recovered from the residence of Dr. ████████. Upon retrieval, SCP-298 was found to be in a state of distress and verbal abuse.

Upon investigation, the house has been owned by a Foundation contractor, ████-████ Foundation Consulting.

Addendum 31-Pozo-7

The investigation into SCP-███ has revealed a hidden location in ████████. Personnel tracking the object are currently unable to locate it and as of yet have not returned.

Addendum 31-Pozo-8

SCP-███ was recovered from the residence of Dr. ████████, in ██████ ████████, on 04/19/2013. It had been covered in scribbled versions of SCP-████.

Incident 29-Pozo-1 (19/10/2011)

On 24/02/2015, SCP-████ spontaneously re-animated. It has since been removed from its cell, and disassembled, and has been repaired.

Addendum 31-Pozo-9

SCP-███ was recovered from the residence of ████ ████. ████ ████, ████ ████, ████ ████, ████ and ████ ████ ████, ███ ████, 9███ ████ and ████ ██████ ███, ████ █

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