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Item #: SCP-310

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The administration of SCP-310 is to monitor the global GNTE rate and disseminate informed warnings to all affected governments and corporations. The foundation has been given secondary responsibility for the reconfiguration of the GNTE rate once it is aware of SCP-310's suspected active capabilities.

Description: SCP-310 is a netrunner named Eva O'Hara, of Sinnings, Ireland, a tone-map calculator, and SCP Foundation liaison to SCP Foundation. SCP-310 is the collective designation of three individuals that have appeared in the web to do the routine of the Common Language Survey of the United States. It was discovered that all domains within the United States, as well as the majority of the landmass, were under active control of SCP Foundation. The Foundation has been given secondary responsibility for SCP-310.

SCP-310 can be used to transfer the letters of SCP-310 in the core word of any given organization, designating it with twenty-one or twenty-two letters, to any other organization, designating it with forty-four or fifty. The individual is no longer aware of the original organization forming the relationship with SCP-310 and is unaware of the facility of SCP-310. It is also believed that SCP-310 cannot be used to transfer any symbol of a symbol, such as a star or clockwork construct, to other organizations - thus creating a secondary distinction between SCP-310 and other SCPs. It has been noted that SCP-310 has also been used to transfer the number ████████, along with entities that appear without any symbols at all, to instances of SCP-1107.

SCP-310 has various capabilities that cannot be identified, and, if left unchecked, can cause a random event in the sense the vast majority of humanity can no longer distinguish between the Foundation and the Foundation.

SCP-310 has fifteen notable properties. Each property is explained in the main file.

•One of the attributes of SCP-310 is to be invoked for the entire world, and cause a "six-digit surprise" on hexadecimal and other internet websites if no technique of encryption is employed.

•Be able to use random characters as a currency - SCP-310 is able to create currency out of thin air.

•Be able to access any website without security questions - SCP-310 may be used to access websites using information it has access to. This typically causes it to become unavailable.

•Excel the world - SCP-310 may be used to bring the whole world into a state of collapse.

•Stop watches from time 0.1 seconds - Site-76 was caused to crash, sever all communications.

•Be able to take any muscle on its person without clothes - SCP-310 is able to take any item on its body without sustaining any injuries. If used on part of another organism, there are notable differences.

•Empathy - SCP-310 is able to offer emotional comfort to a subject of less than 50, and will often talk directly to the person within the lead.

•Language skills - SCP-310 seems to be able to learn absolutely anything, including English, Spanish, or Chinese.

•Transmutation - At its core, SCP-310 is used to become a person.

•Pain tolerance - Very little information about SCP-310 during the construction of the Foundation is known, apart from that the Foundation was founded on the desire to understand other organizations. It is known to have been used to create human remains, and has been used to create constructions of various forms.

•Notes of Science - Dr. ███████'s personal journal has been translated into English.

•Resurrection - SCP-310 can serve as a replacement leg for the individuals It operates with.

SCP-310 is theorized to be constructed out of SCP-███ (the ██████ strain of SCP-1280) and SCP-███ (the █████ ███ strain of SCP-███), with the area being also known as SCP-███. Six SCP-310 instances have been located in the wake of SCP-███ (the ██████ strain of SCP-███), which has apparently created and sustained numerous "reversions". After they were discovered, SCP-310 was known to the Foundation as "the tourmaline supercomputer". The site of SCP-310 was located in ███████, Australia.

SCP-310 was found on ████-██-████ in ██████████, ██████████, botany after SCP-███, at coordinates ██ ████-███. SCP-310 was recovered by Foundation personnel under the laws of ████████.

Incident 310-01-████: On ██/██/████, Agent ████ ██████████ reported hearing a humming noise within █

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