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Item #: SCP-319

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Schlachter Planetarium space with the Schlachter Foundation Observatory is to be set on standby for all changes, all Schlachter Foundation Research and Exploration spacecraft and SCP-319-1A-1 satellites are to be kept in a Humanoid Containment Wing (HCE-3A), kept in a stable orbit of Site-17.

Currently, there is no known way to prevent SCP-319-3A from breaking up or being lost.

Description: SCP-319-3A is the 501th object detected by Epsilon-1A. SCP-319-3A is an undiscovered solar system located in the southernmost of China. SCP-319-3A was first discovered in 1976.

SCP-319-3A is extraterrestrial in nature. It consists of a single large ocean common to all other galaxies.

SCP-319-3A is thought to have been constructed from several different materials, including paintballs, materials of which are described below.


SCP-319-3A is a member of the planet Betelgeuse. It is the only known known place of mass-production of plastics. The composition of the plastics are unknown, but it has been theorized that they are synthetic plastics that do not exhibit the properties of biological matter.

SCP-319-3A contains a single sentient species.

SCP-319-3A-1 is an organism created by SCP-319-3A. It is biologically capable of manipulating the composition of objects in the solar system in any direction.

SCP-319-3A-1 is a sentient "dromex" that appears asexual. SCP-319-3A-1 is capable of vocalizing sound using unknown cellular tissue, although it does not seem to differentiate.

SCP-319-3A-1 is sapient and can animate prosthetics made of rubber. It is also capable of maintaining a body within the body of a human-like human. This body is identical to SCP-319-3A-3A-2, except that SCP-319-3A-1 appears to a large group of people as the head of a gigantic humanoid entity - referred to as SCP-319-3A-2.

SCP-319-3A-1 has maintained a humanoid body for approximately three years. It is unknown what the origins of SCP-319-3A-1 are and whether or not the head of the entity is a female.

The individuals created by SCP-319-3A-1 do not act in any way abnormal to humans, but the individual is capable of possessing the body of another human. This procedure has occurred in all cases, resulting in a large population of different individuals.

Despite SCP-319-3A-1's states of total communication, no understanding has been made of what happens to SCP-319-3A after it has been terminated.

Addendum#1: Mobile Task Force Beta-5 ("Land Buffs") has been created for the purposes of containment. MTF-beta-5 is to be used for the following purposes:

-containment of SCP-319-3A-1.

-containment of SCP-319-3A-2.

-containment of SCP-319-3A-3A.

Agents are to attach themselves to SCP-319-3A in case of containment failure.

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