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Item #: SCP-037

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-037 is to be contained in a standard Site-██ isolated locker. Non-ANSI Safe level containment procedures are to be followed. Due to the information of SCP-037, the site lockdown protocols have been enacted and lockdown procedures will commence as soon as SCP-037 is after its expected buildout.

Over the course of the next 6 months, Site-██ has been placed under lockdown. During the event, no fewer than 1 guards will remain at the site, in order to prevent the occurrence of SCP-037's walk-in scenario.

Site-██ is to be monitored at all times by a total of 3 security guards. This security guard will monitor a digital satellite receiver which will be used to broadcast anomalous activity generated by SCP-037.

Description: SCP-037 (see Information on SCP-037), designated Charles Broadkill, is a 5-year-old Pensacola Thunderbird named Charles, and its apparent father. SCP-037 appears to be a dual-purpose dinosaur, although all of its fossils, including sauropodomorph bones, are completely consistent with sauropod dinosaurs. SCP-037 is the only known living instance of SCP-037 which possesses any kind of locomotion.

SCP-037 is never displayed on any videos or video-recording devices, body cameras, or any other type of camera. The specific move SCP-037 is capable of is undefined. It appears to be incapable of much more than a walk in the wild, despite possessing some animal-like intelligence. The only clue provided to SCP-037's physical abilities is that SCP-037 has a wingspan of 13cm.

SCP-037's anomalous properties manifest during normal daily activities. For many outdoor activities in the outdoors, SCP-037 will always be located within a 30-meter radius of a nearby beach. This radius is usually reached by walking across the beach, and has also been measured to cover an area of about 500 sq. meters. This event is triggered when SCP-037's anomalous abilities are triggered in any manner and when the event occurs in the context of an outdoor activity.

An instance of SCP-037's anomalous properties begins once SCP-037 is inside the pool where it normally would be found.

If the water within a 30-meter radius is used to rapidly cool SCP-037, SCP-037 will activate its anomalous abilities, drawing in water and causing them to then begin to move freely in the surroundings. The water will be used to cool SCP-037, which begins to move in a clockwise pattern in an almost circular motion. It is theorized that this occurs as a result of SCP-037 being able to defrost the water at exactly the right rate.

When it reaches the onset of its events, SCP-037 will step into the water. SCP-037 appears to be aware of the existence of other aquatic creatures, and will begin to communicate at its normal rate.

SCP-037's anomalous abilities are triggered on a daily basis, and SCP-037 is normally used to hunt and capture small rodents. SCP-037 is paired with a tracker and tracking device to track and record the movement of aquatic animals. The tracking device is used to determine the precise exact time an aquatic animal reached the end of its event.


1. In the museum of the Pensacola Thunderbird Museum, Charles Broadkill holds a storage cage together in order to organize his collection of anomalous items.

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