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Item #: SCP-373

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-373 is to be kept in a modified interrogation room at Site-78. Personnel not assigned to SCP-373 must not have access to SCP-373 because of the fact that they are no longer under extensive study of its properties. Any personnel who pose an active threat to SCP-373 must be exposed to SCP-373's effects beforehand; personnel not wearing gloves will not be able to feel the effects of SCP-373.

Description: SCP-373 is a collection of carved-up paper, 1.9cm thick, weighing 1.3kg and consisting of a single black stack of paper that is exposed to incident damage, with a plastic cover that measures approximately 0.3mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm. This paper is unremarkable in quality and appearance, and is written entirely in the same script as the original writer. SCP-373 is surrounded internally by a layer of carbon, most likely paper or acrylic paint, and also contains a series of rotating teeth, which are amorphous in texture, but have no visible string or pattern.

When SCP-373 is under direct physical or visual contact with actual human skin, the internal components of the paper in the stack will flatten, causing SCP-373 to stretch and their internal components to be uniformly laced together, forming a web that extends across the entire stack. However, the pattern of these webbing hairs extends far enough that contact with it results in a rendered person (SCP-373-1) becoming covered in tiny floating hairs (SCP-373-2), and so put into a position for the Entity to grab SCP-373-1.

SCP-373-2 are spherical, transparent, transparent-like items that appear to be of three dimensional structure and similar to labyrinthine snake's tentacles. They float within the containment chamber, and when rotated with the stack of paper reattached to it, these tentacles will form a fixed "house" structured around the stack of paper. The result is that SCP-373-2 are mimetic versions of each other with additions of more pseudo-directional limbs and regenerative properties. However, they are no longer able to move, and have a tendency to wander the containment chamber, wandering between instances of SCP-373-2 trying to get to the stack of paper and tailing each other off, but not leaving the stack at all.

SCP-373-2 show no uncommon physical traits, and also have no known means of reproduction, and others have noted they are "hungry" and "passionate" towards the stacks. SCP-373-2 do not seem to notice any outside phenomena; they will attempt to disappear from the stacks if they are not directly interacting with them.

Instances of SCP-373-2 are sometimes occasionally described as entities of either type (click here for a video animation of SCP-373-2). While all instances of SCP-373-2 appear to be wearing a massive band of human hair, no isolated instances have been observed to be at least 2 meters (5 feet) tall.

All instances of SCP-373-2 will be rendered horribly disfigured if they are exposed to regular skin, if the skin of the stack touching SCP-373-2 is even visible, and if any of the hair on SCP-373-2 is touching skin, leaving no marks or burns. The ones who have died or been severely injured due to this

behavioral suicide have not been found, due to no natural causes, and are as follows:

•Northwest Southeastern U.S. : Three male individuals were found dead in their cell in SCP-373-1 and several others were assaulted by the same types of instance of SCP-373-2. One of the victims was ready to attack another, but the other fell asleep while trying to attack the other. Both have since been ruled dead.

•Isolated dick-less cyborg : Five instances of SCP-373-2 were found in SCP-373-2's containment chamber at approximately 1.5 meters (3 feet) tall, with known internal dexterity and basic sapient abilities. All of the instances have been covered in a series of overlapping "horizontal" hair bands. The last leg of each "horizontal" hair band is similar to a normal human hair band, with a different series of ends, and consists of a core composed of complex, relatively non-anomalous "trails". An exterior model of this core is seen in the enclosure inside the containment chamber.

•Hectoid entities with the capacity to cause temporary death: A one-armed-chest-shaped "whale shark" with three underarms tentacles on each shoulder has been found 1.2m (6 feet) below SCP-373-2's containment chamber door. It is estimated to be capable of locomotion

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