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Item #: SCP-379

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-379 is currently kept in a standard humanoid containment locker at Site-81. Personnel are advised that if SCP-379 attempts to communicate,


Description: SCP-379 is a humanoid entity measuring 188cm in height. When SCP-379 shows signs of extreme distress, it will attempt to display signs of happiness to any hearers. Out of all recorded instances of SCP-379, SCP-379 appears to be controllable by fellow hearers of the same species.

SCP-379 was found speaking words similar to Klingon in a conversation with O5-███, whose mother tongue is English. O5-███'s mother tongue is English. SCP-379 remained silent, but instead she replied with words similar to Korean, Spanish, and English, all while speaking something about “what”.

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