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Item #: SCP-411

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-411 is to be contained in a high-security humanoid containment cell at Site-42. In the event that SCP-411 begins exhibiting abnormal behaviors, treated with Class-C amnestics and Observation Room A, or otherwise becomes a danger to the Foundation, it is to be terminated.

Description: SCP-411 is an android, approximately 20 meters in height, that displays complete sapience, and is capable of self-awareness. As of 03/19/2016 SCP-411 is fluent in every language spoken by the inhabitants of the Third Culture, including Arabic, Latin, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, an unknown language of unknown provenance, [REDACTED], and Urdu. It claims to have attained a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card", and claims that it is Luis Perez

’ (referred to as SCP-411-3). SCP-411-3 is a humanoid entity, approximately 1.3 meters in height, resembling an old man. SCP-411-3 is composed of several portions of skin, such as fur, hair, and digit joints. SCP-411-3 is reportedly endowed with several different "skills" (presumed to be the ones present in many of the more popular languages), abilities and traits, including the ability to change its mind to reflect its true identity/identity, and the ability to alleviate stress with gas and nicotine. SCP-411-3 has been described as being a passionate, English-speaking woman, and possesses a significant interest in collecting and solving puzzles. SCP-411-3 has also apparently acquired a rudimentary understanding of metafiction, or fiction created during evenings like this, and has been noted to have suitably enjoyed the power to use non-existent reinforcements, such as death or suicide.

SCP-411 exhibits sapience and all-round istiness that allows it to act as a human player in the Standard Game Adventure League, which is a social organized game for players of one of the most popular Dead Cities Games franchisee, Spelljacks. This game is currently in its third season, with SCP-411 being the primary player.

SCP-411 is capable of copying the actions, themes, and structural aspects of other popular games. SCP-411 is also capable of building using their own cards, and templates, which can then be used to create new decks from other games. It has shown knowledge of the basic game mechanics behind Cube-Based Games (aka Cards Against Humanity or Co-Pros), and has successfully played all of it (see Document 511-2).

SCP-411 has shown a broad knowledge of all the renowned game genres from all large publishers, including Magic: the Gathering, Call of Duty, the Computer Science modding community, and the SCP Foundation. It has also displayed the ability to create new card-types, Sub-Card, and variant (known as SCP-4211T). Despite this knowledge, it has shown no need to learn a particular format or format of play, or to use specific formats or cards.

SCP-411 has basic understanding of women's rights, and has shown to be well versed in the English Language (with regard to the correct usage of the word “persons”), and is also capable of making lists of SCP-422, as well as phrases such as "Have a safe city that is thriving, and has no sexual harassment laws" and "You don't pay taxes and you have a higher standard education than everyone else.". It also has some awareness of the concept of rights and equality when faced with the issue, and takes extreme (and often devastating) punishment when facing it. SCP-411 was originally introduced as a playable character for the 2007 Apple II game, From D to R (published by Sierra On-Line), which contained the original game however, and simply played it. Its game was able to be played without a controller, so the choice was made to use the original source code.

SCP-411 was then used to investigate one of the anomalous groups of interest, the Rendered-After-Life Party. The project resulted in a more sinisterly humorous scenario, which was eventually reduced to SCP-411's anomalous effect. SCP-411 may be used with other anomalous entities, but as such it may not be directly employed in the destruction of other anomalies.

Addendum 4101.02: Interview with SCP-411-3

Interviewed: SCP-411-3

Interviewer: Dr. Aubrey

Foreword: This interview was conducted in a living room, once SCP-411-3 was kept in Unit-B. This room is the only possible way to access SCP-411-2 with no physical human presence.

Good evening. We'll do this in

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