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Item #: SCP-417

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-417 is to be contained in its inactive state at Site-70. All staff are forbidden from speaking to SCP-417.

SCP-417 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at all times.

SCP-417 is to be fed a standard amount of live victims (unsure: specific victims, unknown).

Description: SCP-417 appears to be a Caucasian in his 40's with facial hairmatted and, from about 7-11 years currently, suffering from a permanent state of ketosis (highly likely). SCP-417 has shown no memory of the event depicted in the original SCP-417's containment report.

SCP-417 appears to be remember as Wirath-Xauclaire, a female that has played a large role in the search for SCP-1837, the only Foundation agent who was involved in re-containment of SCP-1837. When SCP-417 is told to retrieve a victim, it succeeds in retrieving a standard amount of live victims.

Once the inventory of the victims has been delivered, SCP-417 begins talking to the victim by broadcasting the word 's-

The subject says 's, so, how are you feeling?

SCP-417 continues to tell the subject the victim has been provided with dance lessons and food (food comes afterwards). The subject says 'pleasure, please.' SCP-417 then proceeds to the next victim.

SCP-417 is silenced.

1:01:13 After approximately 8 minutes of conversation, SCP-417 picks another victim and repeats the procedure. This time, SCP-417 picks a normal woman.

1:03:57 SCP-417 proceeds to KIA SCP-172-1. SCP-521 does not show the effects of SCP-417's effect without its current owner.

1:06:00 SCP-417 is now apparently dying. SCP-417 manages to remain lucid and continue talking for an additional 12 minutes before collapsing. A small child is seen watching from a nearby cell cage.

1:06:01 SCP-417 slumps over and begins breathing heavily. The hearth is lit by SCP-417's voice.

1:06:01 SCP-417 is seen to look up at the subject.

1:06:02 The subject cries.

1:06:04 SCP-417 does not appear to notice the subject's parent.

1:06:04 SCP-417 is now vomiting, suggesting that there has been an overdose on its own blood.

1:06:05 SCP-417 slumps over again, and is seen to have lost all of its teeth. SCP-417 is seen to lose consciousness and appear to be vomiting. The subject screams and begins to shake.

1:06:05 The subject is seen to have vomited off of SCP-417, and begin to vibrate violently. The subject is seen dropping from the top of the structure to the ground, and "lose control" by rubbing its eyes. The SCP-521 counts, and is counted. The subject is seen shambling around the the cell for about 10 minutes, disappearing.

1:06:07 The entire property is noted to be at a temperature of about 26C. The walls of the facility had reportedly been covered in blood.

1:06:10 SCP-417 is seen to fall over, possibly.

1:06:10 SCP-417 slams its head against a wall.

1:06:13 SCP-417 falls over, and appears to have lost consciousness as the door to its office opens.

1:06:18 SCP-417 is seen to open the door to its office.

1:06:20 SCP-417 appears to be safe inside of the room, and has a number of weapons, including a handgun (which appears to be non-functional), short sword, and a 1996 Aston Martin Vanagon.

1:06:22 SCP-417 cuts open a kitchen menu, and begins feeding victims with SCP-521.

1:06:22 SCP-417 begins to writhe in and out of pain.

1:06:23 SCP-417 begins to rapidly deform and fall.

1:06:25 SCP-417 slumps over and begins to writhe in and out of pain.

3:00:25 SCP-417 falls over and begins to writhe in and out of pain.

1:06:26 An unidentified man is heard yelling 'DANGER, PLEASE' over numerous other mutters. SCP-417's wound begins to heal rapidly, and began to "bridle" out of the room.

1:06:27 SCP-417 is seen to "beneath

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