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Item #: SCP-427

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Class-A amnestics will be deployed to students of all classes in the 2015-2016 school year for the purposes of social media censorship for good. Class-B amnestics are to be used to parents of students and teachers of teachers. These doses of amnestics will be administered in combination with Class-B amnestics for good.

Description: SCP-427 is a computer system of unknown purpose, which periodically depicts a Clickbait article. SCP-427 matches a certain article of the popular website, but neither article nor its subjects are located on the website. See Document-427-A for the full list of articles SCP-427 has been shown to match in both articles.

The site is also said to be owned by a fictional artist named "Some Cantini Guy" and has a section dedicated to SCP-427. A collection of articles which SCP-427 matches with SCP-427 is attached. Each SCP-427 match matches with an SCP-427-A article.

SCP-427 is rumored to be capable of free speech and posting articles which use the word "quik" or "quote." SCP-427 is claimed to value freedom of speech and criticism. Should SCP-427 become prominent, SCP-427 will be able to manipulate readers by giving people certain articles or articles to click on. The effect of this will usually be to make articles or articles more appealing to readers.

The effect of this has poured over into the wiki and is a significant issue that keeps changing seemingly random articles and articles. At the end of the article, SCP-427 will also attempt to promote people who have a certain book or article as a good reading site.

SCP-427 will act this way by creating articles which match with articles on Wikidot. The effect is primarily to promote people to read novels or articles on the wiki for such a reason. SCP-427 will also attempt to create articles which match with articles on other sites. The effect of this is that people in the comments of articles with SCP-427 will often praise articles that came before them. The effect of this is that articles written between the ages of 67 and 75 are often praised and falsely credited to them. SCP-427 will also attempt to create articles which match articles on Wikidot.

EDIT: Current hypothesis is that the effect of this is attributed to the people who have a certain article or articles.

There are two different ways that this could possibly happen:

–The effect of SCP-427 can be reversed by change of article, but rarely primarily by changing the number of matches.

Addendum: SCP-427's effect is still, as of this writing, largely static.

Addendum: SCP-427's effect is not static; rather, it may be affected by changes to the article on the official wiki. SCP-427 has been found to be able to change its articles between different articles in very short amounts of time. Since SCP-427 tends to be active for a very short period of time, we can expect it to be affected by changes made in other articles of the site.

I have started to notice a pattern within articles of the site to be more likely to match SCP-427 with articles that are outside of the Foundation's jurisdiction. This pattern has already started to spread to other professional sites to a degree. If this progresses, SCP-427 will become an increasingly dominant player in the wiki.

Ideally, SCP-427 should be removed from the site immediately.

Addendum: For more information on SCP-427, check the SCP-427 event log.

Activation Log

note: This is a replay of SCP-427's activation event.

SCP-427's effect was activated by MTF-Morpheus - Young America member 972. The MTF-Morpheus members were stationed in the ██████ Police Department on ██/██/█. The █████ Police Department is designated SCP-427 due to its involvement in 972's murder (see below). As it was the police department who initiated the lockdown, SCP-427 was able to escape by creating a distraction. Investigations into SCP-427's progress were cut off just as SCP-4293 was moving. The area in which SCP-4293 was positioned is not accounted for. SCP-427 managed to escape without harm to himself and set up camp outside the █████ Police Department building for several days. As it was moving, SCP-427 was able to receive an SCP-4294-A article from KTE-██████, "Groups of Interest" by the Foundation of the "Free and Independent School" from the public school district. SCP-427 was able to successfully disable SCP-4294's shields and escape with no interruption

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