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Item #: SCP-449

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-449 is contained within a standard humanoid confinement cell at Site-184. Access to SCP-449 is restricted to Level-2 and above personnel. If SCP-449 desires a change in its behavioral disposition, Research Area-184 is to be provided to accommodate atmospheric conditions.

Update: Dr. ██████, head of the testing Center, has ceased non-participation due to research into the mechanical properties of SCP-449's eyeball. Personnel cannot be assigned to the testing center without Dr. ██████'s clearance.

Description: SCP-449 is a humanoid entity of approximately 1.39m in height, with an average weight of 37kg. SCP-449's skin and facial structure are partly translucent in nature. Seventeen large protrusions of bone have been found in the lower regions of SCP-449's shoulders. SCP-449 is reported to appear to have undergone some form of metamorphosis, with the reports of no physical differences or reproductive method of the body/consciousness.

SCP-449 was found near ████████, California after a fire in a room containing portable media game systems. See Test Log 494-1.

Addendum: SCP-449 has a recorded history of its anomalous properties, having been encountered on ██/██/20██. SCP-449 was found at ███████ ████ ██ ██████ ██████ ████████, without a single corpse.

Addendum: SCP-449 is an escort for the main entrance of the ████████ ████████ Recreational Center to SCP-449. Opened in early 20██, it had been converted into a resort-turned-hoarder. SCP-449 was discovered with a body inside. It was recovered by Foundation personnel under the alias of researcher James █████ and taken to a local historical society where SCP-449 was referenced as "God" and "Banner Guy" for the duration of the facility's operation. SCP-449 has since been protected from any non-essential personnel.

Addendum: Test Log 4/23955

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