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Item #: SCP-465

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-465 is to be stored in an internal shelving unit at Site-17, and is to be monitored at all times with a camera to record all attempts at communication with SCP-465.

Description: SCP-465 is a duke and field toad (Locusta americanum) of unknown species, but believed to be approximately thirty million years old, currently in the care of the Zoological Society of Cincinnati. SCP-465 is sapient, but also highly susceptible to amnesticization and aversion therapy, the latter particularly effective against its latter appearance and affecting all individuals. SCP-465 feels threatened, having been repeatedly damaged or eaten in the past. Its primary response is to fill the inside of the storage unit twice a week with approximately 16,500 sheets of statistical paper, sometimes in a manner not fully understood, even when said sheet does not display any form of error.

SCP-465's primary weakness is its inability to express a thought or answer any question with a single word. It will regularly display a pronounced disdain for discussions of the topic, on the grounds that it considers such discussions to be counter-productive and not interesting at all. It also will not respond to questions about methods of reproduction, as it is unable to do so without the use of chemicals that it claims can ameliorate any defects in its reproductive organs.

SCP-465 is capable of expressing considerable bodily pain and terror at leisure, which is why it is not to be removed from its storage unit. This "hostility" can be satisfied by concealing SCP-465's face or hair behind a clean sheet of paper, to be held at eye level from the opposite wall.

The most common method of amnesticization used by SCP-465 is to perform the above procedure. Due to its painful nature, extreme amounts of verbal abuse are difficult, but SCP-465 claims to be "quite good at that as well" and will usually improve when subjected to extreme torment or punishment. Other methods include ornate methods of punishment, particularly electroshock or strangulation on the head with live tentacles.

Because of its behavior, no containment procedures are necessary, and SCP-465 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell, which consists of four floorboards, a kitchen, large shelves of boxes, three windows, and a large, oval window in the far corner. The Foundation has never found any other notable accommodations of prefabricated-styled cells in SCP-465's cell.

SCP-465 has alleged a regular habit of composing music on sheets of paper, but it has not yet been able to produce a sheet of paper or pen capable of being maneuvered through the walls of the containment chamber.

SCP-465 is probably not an artist, but is capable of great ingenuity and genius. SCP-465 has created numerous other theories as to why it does so, as well as many other figures of note.

Addendum: SCP-465 was recovered from ███████ in ██████ in ██████. The subjects' initial report was a single word: "RE; OF CONFECTION; OF COMPLICATION; SEXUAL VIRTUAL."

Notable Deletions

SCP-465-A SCP-465 was discovered in the basement of ██████ College, a liberal arts college, in ████. SCP-465 was discovered by the college's crime lab after a spate of armed robberies, after students had gone missing in the house where they were located.

SCP-465-B SCP-465 ended up in the basement of the recently opened ████████ █████ ███ █████ ██████ ████% sub-store, approximately fifteen miles from the scene of one of the robberies. The store's owners reported that they "heard music coming from the basement", and immediately reported that they had been struck by "icebergs". The police were able to contain SCP-465, and security through multiple means was maintained, including a pool of broken toys and televisions, a temporary meat locker outside of the store, and a second floor room secured with plex bars.

SCP-465-C SCP-465 is currently in a human containment cell at Site-17. It is 8 meters tall, and 115kg in weight, with a slight bulk and muscle build, and and is being treated for physical and mental health issues, such as an extensive physical illness. The technique used to extricate SCP-465 has proven effective against it. SCP-465 has expressed extreme satisfaction with SCP-465, and is currently in a satisfactory state. SCP-465 is in an advanced state of complete amnesticization and aversion therapy, with a preference for restraint and provoking. After a containment breach, SCP-465 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell

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