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Item #: SCP-048

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. Subjects are to be kept in the same area as SCP-048 and allowed access to an approved testing area. In the event that SCP-048 does not comply with the containment, it is to be removed from containment and placed under observation of a Foundation geneticist.

Description: SCP-048 is a male of African-American descent (provisional rebanifestation). Subject is [REDACTED] in the DNA samples tab, and is inherited from ████ ████████’s mother. Ranks of SCP-048's parents are the same as those of the subject (disappeared by William ██ at some point in the 1970s) so are not known until a date that varies from scan to scan. SCP-048’s anomalous effects are to be contained by a containment team.

SCP-048 was discovered floating in the Pacific Ocean on ██/██/20██, after ██ divers were separated and recovered side-by-side in the wreck of one of ██ ████████’s vessels. Both divers survived, but, due to exposure to SCP-048's anomalous properties, did not survive long enough to be identified. The container had been used to contain ██ other items, including several competing objects from the █████████ ████████, by which time, the entire band had been dismantled and reassembled to recreate the tracks which SCP-048 came to find itself. The remainder of the █████████ ████████ was returned to containment after the event.

The following log is a transcription of the events which occurred during a routine expedition to ████████. The SCP-048-1 containment team was directed by Dr. Reichert, who was approximately 15 years behind when the mission was launched.


Dr. Reichert orders Dr. █████████ to wait outside of SCP-048 for a minimum of five minutes. The entire containment team is briefed before the expedition. SCP-048 is arranged so that Dr. █████████ will remain at the center of the containment catalog, while Dr. █████████ is allowed to request near-instantaneous items (NIC's) from any other personnel.

Dr. Reichert: Dr. █████████, what may we have to do as you stand ready to enter the water there?

Dr. █████████: Let’s see… we’ll take a rowboat, and add a few buckets to that, be careful. Just under the water-shed to the right of this-

Dr. Reichert: Whoa, get that straight. Anything you want. This has some complexities. Let's try to write down our thoughts, then let’s go back to your camp…

Dr. █████████: Oh, I’ll write the words, there’s a big thing here somewhere.

Dr. Reichert: If you insist, we’ll lay it at that. We’ll bring over a little of what you want, that is more for the investigation. No particular amount, but I assume you understand what we mean.

Dr. █████████: A please-

Dr. Reichert: We don’t need to ask. We’re good to go.

Dr. █████████: (gasp) It’s up to you. Let’s see-

Dr. Reichert: Why do you think that one is absent?

Dr. █████████: Because we’re got it all?

Dr. Reichert: Already telling me that is an RMs.

Dr. █████████: Hold on hold for a moment. It’s important, right?

Dr. Reichert: Oh, no, no I don’t-

Dr. █████████: Well I’m telling you, that’s not likely to happen.

Dr. Reichert: We’re not looking for, we’re looking for information, and I’m not good enough to tell you about it. Let’s see.

S.D. █████████: It looks like Mman, but it has a touch of black. We’ve never seen any black in one of these, and we’re not going to try. I’m just saying that there is a name on it, and it’s not Mman. Anyways, that will be useful if we find a matching piece together to get some clues. At least then we can go back to the stork’s

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