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Item #: SCP-487

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-49 is located in ███████ down in ████████████. The site manager is to write a report on all occurrences of SCP-487 to the site director. The contents of this report must be reported to the site director.

Description: SCP-487 is a series of incidents which brought about the deaths of ████████ ████, ████████████ ████████ █ ██, ████████████ ██ █, ████████████ ████, ████████████ ██ █ and ████████ ████ ███ ████.[REDACTED] The cause for these incidents is under investigation.

SCP-487-1 is an event associated with each of these incidents. The first appearance of SCP-487-2 was in ████████████ in ████████, ████████████ on ██/██/20██. Several depositions were held by staff of Site-49. Inspection of ███████████ reminded staff that SCP-487 was intended for use with Circumstances Fd3A - Ffd3E.

Three full days prior to this appearance, ██████ ██ ████ began a series of [DATA EXPUNGED] incidents. All ████████████ Incident Reports were filed, each turning on their own date, at different time of year.

███/██/2010 featured a containment breach at ████████████ ████-████. No reports were filed during this event, leading to an investigation by OSHA and the standard response from Foundation Sites was to reinforce Site rules regarding anomalous items. As SCP-487 grows more noticeable, MTF Epsilon-5 ("Pyrotechnics") have been dispatched to the ████████████ area and administratically reclassified as Euclid.

█████/██/2011, SCP-487-A-B assaults entered Main Storage of Site-49. The attacks were directed at Foundation personnel, seemingly by the use of against-base weaponry. The Foundation was able to neutralize SCP-487-A-B by response of [DATA EXPUNGED] and a lockdown was enacted. SCP-487-A-B continued his attacks on Foundation personnel for the remainder of the day. The Foundation was unable to respond and dole out, resulting in another containment breach at ████████████ ████ ██ (see Addendum).

██/██/2011, SCP-487-A-B assaulted [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-487-A-B continued his attacks on Foundation personnel on ████████████ ██, ████████████, and ████████ [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].

██/██/2011, Site-49 was subjected to a reclassification as Euclid. Use of SCP-487-A-B with SCP-487-A has been discontinued.

Addendum [DATA EXPUNGED]: Aptitude Test

MTF Epsilon-5 "Proud Hands"

Testing has shown that SCP-487-A-B or SCP-487-B appear to be able to operate with equal difficulty to a human being.

The following is a test of the testability of said anomalous items. Images of SCP-487-A-B and SCP-487-A-B are to be taken by members of MTF Epsilon-5. The participants should be instructed in a humanoid shape. Behavior is described as emotional, "justly" or "substantively".

Personnel should be instructed to "lead" SCP-487-B or SCP-487-B with the SCP-487-A-B apparatus. If SCP-487-A-B displays a "keyboard" appearance, personnel should lead SCP-487-B.

Fw: No significant more information about SCP-487-A-B is to be given.


Test #: 1

Test Type: "Leading"

Procedure: SCP-487-A-B-1 is to be led by a male Foundation employee (a .███ person with three-digit security clearance with combat experience) as "leading" SCP-487-B. The procedure is to be similar to that of military personnel, with members of MTF Epsilon-5 being "leading" SCP-487-B or SCP-487-B.

SCP-487-A-B is to be led through a series of tests.

Test #: 2

Test Type: Performed while

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