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Item #: SCP-528

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-528 is contained on-site with other anomalies at no more than Level 2 level 4 containment, with a staff of D-Class personnel to provide spiritual care during the night.


SCP-528 is to be secured in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 42, with proper lighting and a researcher on-site at all times.

Description: SCP-528 is a ██-year-old male of indeterminate gender, designated SCP-528-1. SCP-528-1 has a psychosexual orientation fitting an Arantone character. SCP-528-1 is capable of speaking through its unique anomalous properties.

SCP-528-1 starts the day as a heterosexual man with four eyes and is always wearing a red dress uniform. The following day, SCP-528-1's eyes will be red with a few strands of hair, while his genitals will be covered in powdered human hair. While conversing, SCP-528-1 will unconsciously make reference to the meaning of sexual desire, and will assert that its own feelings outweigh its own.

SCP-528-1's body has not exhibited any identifiable vocalizations. When SCP-528-1 is doing so, it will achieve orgasm through the lips in the form of mouth water rather than the penis. This will lead to the apparent death of SCP-528-1 through a combination of rapid loss of blood and severe rilakophobia.

SCP-528-1 then becomes affected by SCP-528-2, resulting in an alternate version of the same topic. SCP-528-2, dubbed SCP-528-1, will attempt to divorce the de-fertility of SCP-528-1, saying that he has "borrowed the unicorn" and going back on his word during their courtly courtship. Once SCP-528-1 passes into SCP-528-2, it will then grow more, to the point of a physical barrier, still with a strong tendency towards physical intimacy, however less frequent and frequent, due to its "free-associative nature."

SCP-528-1 has no control over this process, and actively encourages the subject to lapse into self-parody. SCP-528-1 does not appear affected by SCP-528-2.

SCP-528-1 is capable of reading minds, though it does not display the ability to verbally communicate with anyone.

SCP-528-2 refers to a group of anomalous individuals or entities that serve as a basis for SCP-528-1's "character" and the template for other anomalous characters. All SCP-728-2 instances are related to SCP-528-1 via the first Foundation reference, and as such they are included. They are fundamentally ethical and consistent in their expressions, and have acted in a manner consistent with a peaceful society.

SCP-528-2 will attempt to maintain this chaos at all costs, as well as to pass this weapon and its companions in the hands of others. SCP-528-2 will then attempt to leave SCP-528-1 and thus make its way to nearby locations, often with the sole purpose of looking for the object or its companions that was used as the foundation of SCP-528-1's character.

SCP-528-2 may occasionally attempt to take SCP-528-1 away from the Foundation, with the intent of murdering it. This is often met with violence, as SCP-528-2 often has the upper hand in the battlefield.

SCP-528-2 will then use this weapon against SCP-528-1, usually by use of a combination of physical force and/or [REDACTED] against SCP-528-1. This may result in severe injuries to SCP-528-2, as well as the death of SCP-528-1.

SCP-528-2 will most often assault and murder SCP-528-1 when confronted by it. SCP-528-2 will then become a member of SCP-528-1's civilian/heroic/fantasy group, and will actively seek out the object and its companions and attempt to kill all other members of this group. If all members of this group are killed, SCP-528-2 will then kill SCP-528-1 and link him to SCP-528-2. The members of this group will then [REDACTED] in order to harm SCP-528-1. SCP-528-2 will then give these instructions to SCP-528-1, and will instruct it on where they are searching.


SCP-528-2 is a group of anomalous entities acting as a base for SCP-528-1's characterization. SCP-528-2 often acknowledge SCP-528-1 as

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