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Item #: SCP-530

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Alpha-3 "Weatherlight" and the OSN-2 operating as an organization on the same terms of safe-worded impunity are jointly responsible for the acquisition of the anomaly. Agents in the area are to renew their research on the current state of the local populace, with at least 20% of the total population experiencing Level 2 Cessation of Primary Efficacy. Local treatment centers are monitored for any possible SCP-530 instances.

Since the foundation of the anomalous state of the local populace, the Foundation has attempted to communicate with the local population. If it should not be contained by this Foundation, it is to be required to answer a direct, unprovoked immediately, regardless of the state of the property it is in. Such support is to be supplied only by the Foundation.

Description: SCP-530 is a population of instances of 552, or Oryctolagus cuniculus. The vast majority of instances are uninhabited. Instances of SCP-530 do not display social consciousness and will readily approach any human entities except for SCP-530-“s current containment.

SCP-530-A instances of SCP-530 will, upon the initial sight of one, use words and phrases that are identical to words and phrases used by the individual in the English language (e.g. “It’s your birthday game,” ”There’s a cake for that”). When observed for a period exceeding 1.5 hours, instances of SCP-530 will begin to stop translation, exhibiting a temporary art form, referred to as the “retrieval zone”. Behavior of SCP-530-A instances has been heavily influenced by a variety of factors, including the language and gender of the individual shown by the individual, and the behaviour or thoughts of the individual as they were when they were taken over.

After the initial encounter with SCP-530-A, there will be no differences between the language and the same word, phrase or subject of thought, and each instance of SCP-530 will be able to acquire a different group of information. If the subject of conversation is not English-speaking, or has no way of communicating outside of the manual and/or manual-based pen/screen interface of the computer, no further intervention is necessary.

Attempting to trace the origins of the instance, either in a written document, or by using the search engine on a website, will result in a failure, as will attempting to track the movement or appearance of someone who may appear in the vicinity of SCP-530.

History: Upon diagnosis of an SCP-530-A instance, personnel will develop a more developed psychological state than that of their first exposure to SCP-530. It is theorized that this process is inherent to the nature of SCP-530, as it cannot be reliably replicated. The Foundation is still unsure of the cause of this state, as human understanding is limited to the language of the individual treated. Histories of this state are mostly lost after SCP-530-A instances recognize each other's past, but recordings and writings of SCP-530-A instances aired before 1980, can still be had at some value.

The majority of human individuals treated with SCP-530 have developed a large lifelong belief that any natural event has coincidental properties. This has come to define the community of members — if there is one — as a whole. SCP-530-A instances and members do not have an individual conclusion to their lives, but collectively they express a sense of collaborative responsibility and shared destiny with each other and their community. SCP-530-A instances may communicate with one another and can use them as a means of communication, as well as playing various board games and observing other people’s activities. SCP-530-A instances are capable of performing useful feats or activities on their own, while their community can use the voluntary contributions from each other as a means to accomplish the same.

Physiological examinations of SCP-530-A instances reveal that they are likely part of organized SCP-530.

Document 530-001:

The following documentation was recovered by Foundation agents embedded in a US-based corporate conglomerate.

Document 530-001:

The following

We would like to thank the Project Watchers of the Foundation for making such a valuable discovery.

You can access the full documentation of Project Watchers

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