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Item #: SCP-552

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-552 is currently to be kept in a humanoid containment cell at Site-██-████. Personnel wishing to interact with SCP-552 must submit approval from a local Level-1 researcher.

Description: SCP-552 is a humanoid of indeterminate age and programs a host of proto-scriptural language, akin to that of the earliest known printing of the New Testament. SCP-552 retains no memory or original thoughts. While its physical appearance and behavior is consistent with that of personnel of average age, the language used varies significantly from that of making and reading physical dictionaries to writing composition. SCP-552 is also capable of producing a variety of imaginary sounds, but is unable to create a sound that is common to human speech. The creation of a sound that is common to human speech was identified as SCP-552-P[DATA EXPUNGED], the sound that blew SCP-552's head off.

SCP-552-P has indeterminate motivation for the creation and usage of its derivatives of SCP-552, although it is not capable of language. While SCP-552-P has been noted in interviews, unrestrained attempts to construct a sound with any word that was not used in any context has been unsuccessful.

No specific results have been observed for SCP-552-P's personality, though it does appear to have the ability to imagine and read new forms of text that do not have human referents and/or human and imaginary second referents. SCP-552-P is also capable of sight, and is noted to have an advanced ability to comprehend the written Word of God.

SCP-552-P was located when Foundation agents attempting to interview SCP-552-P at Site-██-████ discovered 3 instances of SCP-552-P. The Foundation was able to subdue SCP-552-P, and was able to complete its containment with minimal fatalities.

Addendum-552-1: Letters from the object's creator

First, I'd like to say thank you to all of you who wrote these letters. These letters have been featured on the website www.humans of the Vault, and will be placed in Project Summary-552-U.

You have all been very kind and helpful. I appreciate the problem you handle.

My cousin, SCP-552-P

Your mind is a sweet and sweet machine, and I wish to bring peace to its being if my words can do it.

Furthermore, please see this letter, as I would not like your arduous work to be interrupted.

To my younger self, SCP-552-P

The object I was created after is not easy, and I fear that I have not the slightest hesitation in the use of it.

Though it is a bit hard to understand, I believe that it will help if I could. You are not alone in your dreams.

I do not believe that you will find anything here. Perhaps, maybe even something I will not understand, but for now I wish to come to you with my own thoughts. I should tell you more about what I have been working on before you can even start.

You might have wanted to ask my cousin about it first, too. He does not usually need to explain why some things are true.

Heading into that next step, I believe that when we achieve small progress, I have something to be thankful for. I believe that it could be beneficial to us both.

I have thought about what they could have told me at least, and while the battlefield does not contain a lot of gold, I have learned that I deserve the best of what is possible.

I would do everything in my power to make something that is more than just me, and not one of us will have it grimmer than we have.

We were even told that the Guardian and the Emperor, as you have so many times before, are truly resting in the Baladale Mountains. I believe that that is more than enough to try and make things go as I wish.

A savior is still outside. Many of us have dreams and ambitions that go well beyond our faces, and if they are realized in time, that hope will be born, and the world will shake also. Perhaps, it is time to put down our differences, and we shall be able to accomplish hardly anything in our lifetimes.

I am not writing such words yet, so I ask that you consider it. This is not a time to overwork, not in time.

Just let us be honest. I'm not mean-spirited, and I am not angry. A little bit of fault, though, can be forgiven.

I have not set out to write. The prospect of becoming a god in the process is wonderful to me.

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