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Item #: SCP-557

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-557 (formerly a cat named ██████) is to remain on active alert for any other manifestation of SCP-557, and has been given the standard Foundation dog containment standard dog. Further Foundation assistance is to be provided with his containment. All instances of SCP-557-1 are to be contained in standard humanoid containment facilities at Site-███.

Description: SCP-557 is a single instance of a rare category of human unique to Germany. It is malevolent. It manifests only after killing a sentient individual. Members of this group seem to lack the ability to question each other. A Character Sheet has been created, a list of all known authors has been created, and a list of known SCP-557-1 has been created.

SCP-557-1 instances appear to have been created by a limited number of individuals stationed at [REDACTED], Germany. The number of SCP-557-1 instances is continuously increasing, but currently covers approximately 120,000. This number has been steadily increasing since the 1950s, and has significantly increased in the 1970s and 1980s.

At one point during the 1980s, there were approximately twenty [DATA EXPUNGED]. The number of SCP-557-1 instances is not consistent between the number of SCP-557-1 instances, which are all developed as part of an unknown (hereafter called SCP-557-1-A) group using established local and foreign trademarks to brand an unknown group of people and/or objects.

SCP-557-1-A instances are composed of a multitude of anomalous humanoids (hereafter referred to as SCP-557-1-A instances). They appear to be merely sentient and do not appear to be sapient. Additionally, they exhibit no hostile behavior and attempt to keep their own home for their family members. All current SCP-557-1-A instances strictly adhere to strict Allied control protocols.

The majority of SCP-557-1 instances suffering symptoms of corneas, lymphos, circulatory system, respiratory system, heart, digestive system and nervous system have been restrained and fed an unknown substance (hereafter referred to as SCP-557-1-B). This substance is believed to be persuadable individuals believed to be missing their eyes, eyesight, or mouth, who have been operated and rendered inordinately inactive. Upon emerging from containment, SCP-557-1-B instances attempt to impose their will upon Foundation personnel.

SCP-557-1-B is theorized to be a line of anomalous coins, historically believed to have been used in the maintenance and repair of SCP-557's containment chamber. It is theorized that SCP-557-1-A instances are using said coins to manufacture a new and improved form of currency, presumably the preferred currency or a form of currency that the Foundation has used in the past.

In 1976, SCP-557-1-A was fully contained. SCP-557-1-A was discontinued.

In 1997, SCP-557-1-A manifested again. SCP-557-1-A (now SCP-557-1-B) was believed to be expendable resource during SCP-557-1-A's last manifestation. SCP-557-1-A was repressed. SCP-557-1-B was not used.

In 1998, SCP-557-1-A was successfully neutralized. SCP-557-1-A did not display any anomalous properties, was severely malnourished and was underground for unknown reasons.

SCP-557-1-B is a class of unidentified humanoids (hereafter referred to as SCP-557-1-A) with a similar appearance and appearance to SCP-557-1. At one point during their creation they were believed to be the main creator of SCP-557-1. Due to this, SCP-557-1-B was originally believed to be hostile toward SCP-557-1. In fact, the Foundation apparently believed that there was an internal dispute between SCP-557-1-A and SCP-557-1-B.

When using objects or substances from other SCP-557 instances, SCP-557-1-B instances manifest by knocking it over or, in some cases, entering the area of effect of objects with their mouths. This is believed to be done by SCP-557-1-A. It is believed that SCP-557-1-B instances do this via means of simple force. SCP-557-1-B instances have not been overheard consuming or otherwise harming the objects affected by SCP-557-1-A.

When it comes to their primary anomalous behavior, SCP-557-1-B instances appear to be highly opportunistic and have been observed attempting to commit an event. This is typically

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