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Item #: SCP-579

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the bat-like nature of its anomalous properties, SCP-579-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Radiofrequency order is to be maintained as per standard humanoid containment procedures.

Outpost-579-12-1 is to be maintained as a primary location for the containment and promotion of SCP-579-2. Document-579-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell on the same level of Sarasota University. Physical containment of SCP-579-1 is sufficient for the enhancement of its anomalous capabilities and scientific research.

Description: SCP-579 is a male human female titled “Dr. Doorknob” who has exhibited three anomalous abilities.

SCP-579-1 —†�Door to the Dining Room”

SCP-579-1’s primary powers are the ability to passively eat human flesh. The anomalous property that causes SCP-579-1 to eat by itself is its ability to scan any living beings, in particular those with non-anomalous personalities and/or personalities. If there is a group of such a group in a room, SCP-579-1 will choose one of them. This anomalous property is used to create a copy of SCP-579-1 by combining them in a dish (designated SCP-579-1-A). If the dish has not yet been established, SCP-579-1 will then sit inside the dish for 3-5 minutes, followed by a loud snort. It will then proceed to eat the remaining members of the group, ignoring the dialogue between them.

SCP-579-1-B and SCP-579-1-C are a pair of male humanoid corpses. SCP-579-1-A-1 and -2 have no visible wounds, although they should be treated with a minimum of basic medical care. SCP-579-1-A-1 is well-dressed in a lab coat and jumpsuit, wearing a white lab coat. SCP-579-1-C wears a lab coat, a white lab coat, and a lab coat. SCP-579-1-C is described as carrying a small golf bag.

SCP-579-2, designated SCP-579-2-A, is a male human female with no brain activity, a postnuptional marriage, and a non-anomalous personality. SCP-579-2-A is a regular diner, and appears to be a typical, middle-aged, white, heterosexual frog woman. SCP-579-2-A is also apparently the star of a popular stand-up comedy show, Eating Her, which is so far anecdotal. SCP-579-2-A appears to have no knowledge of any of the original uses of SCP-579-1.

SCP-579-2-B is a male human female with a similarly-dressing ensemble and is described as possessing a rather extreme mental state and is late-career, marrying a sailor. SCP-579-2-B is a notable member of the Foundation's's internal collectibles arm, and is able to take items from other cells, though is only able to do so to the extent of shooting a small arrow through one's head.

Due to its relatively limited intelligence level, no artificial intelligence is known to have been created by SCP-579-2-B, and is considered to be merely a seated player in the game.

SCP-579-2-C is a female humanoid octopi wearing a lab coat who is described to be only vaguely human; small amounts of materiel are present, presumably default settings, which are known to be random. SCP-579-2-C walks in the manner typical of a husk, with its midsection appearing to be at least partially translucent. One of its many limbs, approximately the size and shape of a human ear, extends beyond the waist. A true head is present, but appears shaded, consisting of free bone, which appears to be a complete skeleton. This skull appears to be composed entirely of a kind of servo motor, resembling that of a rat or a snail. Incredibly, the servo motor is likely to be made of an extremely perishable metallic alloy, and the neural interfaces are glistening with a transparent reddish mineral. Documentation has identified it as being on a flat wooden surface. The attached photographs of SCP-579-2-C in its humanoid form suggest that this is the same alloy, based on its remains. It can perform a variety of actions due to its meetalloid components.

SCP-579-2-C is capable of calling the individuals it serves from a distance, and can perceive its side of the conversation using the metalloid components present in its body, although lacks the

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