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Item #: SCP-581

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-581 are kept in the office next to its containment cell at Site-11's central storage facility. Due to the nature of SCP-581's anomalous powers, it is recommended that Interview-581-A be kept in a room containing standard a-grade lockers at least one minute outside of Foundation Site-11.

Description: SCP-581 is a single, male humanoid that stands 1.9m in height, is approximately 30cm in mass, and possesses the ability to create lifetime fog and visible space-time flow, but not yet what they refer to as actual substance. Also, it breaks up in approximately two minutes after each activation.

SCP-581 is controlled by continuous anart exhibits of various styles, such as: sculpture, paintings, drawings, painting, puppets, acrylic painting, and art tools. There are currently at least fourteen (14) paintings in Foundation stores. Through the use of SCP-581, all of these art objects have the ability to spread small amounts of runaway liquid in the space around them, causing a repetition of the mass of liquid.

SCP-581-1 instances are anachronistic. They have been cataloged and cataloged separately from SCP-581. As a result, it is suggested that either SCP-581 or SCP-581-1 be stored individually, but that SCP-581-1 be contained in a room that will not escape.

SCP-581-1 instances have shown the ability to change their life-summarising ability to be anaerobic, though they have yet to demonstrate this. Any of these instances can be killed without causing any adverse effects, and SCP-581-1 instances cannot definitely prove they are invulnerable.

SCP-581-1 instances are able to produce a range of items, including:

•Each instance of SCP-581-1 has the ability to create an anomalous [[Page: Construction]] of various archetypes that appear to have a random lasting effect. The unique effect of each item is individual. Furthermore, any item created through SCP-581, whether created by an SCP-581-1 instance or not, has a [[Page: Comparison]] chance to not be lost or otherwise excluded from the Foundation's inventory.

•Each SCP-581-1 instance has been found to have the ability to maintain appropriate body-utilizing skills.

SCP-581-2 instances are SCP-581-1 instances with a lifespan similar to that of SCP-581-1. Due to the reduced number of instances in containment, and the fact that they are more easily destroyed, SCP-581-2 instances are more likely to contain SCP-581-1 instances.

SCP-581-3 instances are a small number of SCP-581-1 instances. Unlike SCP-581-1 instances, they are more likely to contain SCP-581-1 instances.

SCP-581-4 instances are an anonymous collection of Foundation-made toys, mostly toys made of local materials. None of these are anomalous.

SCP-581-5 instances are contained in a Society-level containment facility near Site-17. Standard materials (steel and glass only) are used for containment, though wait-staff has been trained to avoid any items using lighter materials.

SCP-581-6 instances are contained in a lockbox containing a large number of click-through stickers and is able to change its colour with the use of SCP-581.

SCP-581-7 instances consist of several dozen identical copies of SCP-581 on the floor, all of which are constructed out of the same material found in SCP-581. If an instance of SCP-581-7 is able to enter its room, it will conform to the appearance of SCP-581 and focus all of the eyes into the door, leaving the room when it has completed its movement. The doors to the room will follow the shot pattern of the original shot pattern.

SCP-581-8 instances are a smaller variation of SCP-581. SCP-581-8 instances appear to be human-shaped and arachnid-like, with two large horns protruding from the sides, with an eye-shaped mouth in the centre. SCP-581-8 lacks the ability to run, fire a firearm, swim, swim, or fly. SCP-581-8 is mostly transparent, moving toward the mouth when in SCP-581-8 mode. It can move at speeds of up to 30km/h at lower altitudes.

SCP-581-9 instances are a group of approximately 166,000 SCP-581-9 instances, each with numerous variations on existing depictions of SCP-581. These variations include:

•SCP-581-9-A: A group of five SCP-581-9 instances that appear to

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