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Item #: SCP-603

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-603 is currently kept in an isolated containment warehouse, currently devoid of its original anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-603 resembles a chandelier, but resembles a bar in design, though with an inverted pyramid in place of a base. All of SCP-603's anomalous properties manifest when an individual is illuminated.

If an individual attempts to expose their face to SCP-603, they will be transported to an alternate reality SCP-603 is located in. SCP-603 can be activated by approaching the bar, but only if SCP-603 is illuminated.

Individuals inside an approximately 6-meter-square space manifested in this alternate reality will experience sleep paralysis at 16:59 GMT. This effect is rapidly fatal, as will commonly be fully undetectable to outside observers within two hours of waking.

The bar SCP-603 is currently located is not solid, but has been spontaneously self-moving. The broken wall and excess iron caused the anomaly in the alternate reality to manifest in the host timeline.

The entity residing within the bar appears entirely composed of wood and steel. The only evidence of metal and chemical composition in SCP-603's containment is grime and blood.

The bar is believed to be immobile, and is impossible to illuminate. It is impossible to harm the bar, as all attempts to extinguish or destroy the bar have been futile.

SCP-603 is separated into its primary ring of anomalous effects.

•Mind-affecting effects: SCP-603 will produce an instantaneous effect on whichever individual observes it. They would be unable to perceive or directly handle it, only perceiving it visually. Manipulating the bar will display MK-Class Object-Send shockwave waves. This effect is sustained for as long as it is illuminated, and remains visible to observers so long as they live.

•Compensatory effects: SCP-603 will normalize any living individuals that have been constructed through its effects. This includes any existing individuals, such as the original occupant of the bar, leaving them partially open, and any individuals who have been constructed in an identical fashion, such as SCP-603's original precursor.

Note: SCP-603 was one of many anomalous objects stored at Site-387. Access to SCP-603 was denied until the following (0.88 weeks) in order to prevent political unrest.

Note: The following is a list of known host worlds.

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