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Item #: SCP-625

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-625 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, staffed only by two (2) Level 4 personnel assigned to work on SCP-625 at any given time. SCP-625 is permitted supervised movement, although it is to be made aware of the fact that there are no witnesses to the event.

Description: SCP-625 is a found object, dating from ██ - ████. When the object was first recovered, Human males tend to be anomalously affected by the experience.

The object was discovered by two middle-aged women, aged 29-50, who discovered it in a garage in Iowa. Prior to undertaking rescue attempts, SCP-625 was in a personal vacuum, and was marked "DEVADOX" in its place of construction. Both of the four (4) individuals who were on the incident report that they felt "something". They reported that their hair and clothing samples show that the object wasn't an anomaly, and they were able to place it in the back yard. SCP-625 was then brought to the Foundation attention through a faulty field investigation, and was stored in a standard anomalous object locker.

The object came to the Foundation's attention when ██ local law enforcement officers initially arrived to the location, and attempted rescue of the object. They were quickly apprehended and stabilized, immediately placed into Foundation custody.

Addendum 625-1: Protective gear and protective clothing are not necessary for handling SCP-625's object; all other personnel should wear their shirt, gas mask, an eye mask, heart mask, and visor as protective gear while handling any other object. All personnel encountering the object on its way to the Foundation should see to it that they do not come into contact with any of the SCP-625's effects.

Addendum 625-2: The Foundation is currently investigating the origin of the object described in Incident 625-1.


On ██/██/████, [REDACTED], one year after the first recovery, an anomalous object was found first hand near █████████, a roughly dilapidated looking home near ██████, Arizona. Three (3) individuals were discovered at the scene and detained, as well as two (2) witnesses. The object undid all activation codes, and was transported to Site ██.

To date, five (5) witnesses have been interviewed, all of which agree that SCP-625 was found in an abandoned garage located in an abandoned house two (2) blocks from the original location. All of the witness photos are missing.

Addendum 625-3: Document 625-1a:

Date: ██/██/████

Time: 3:40:46 CST; 05:08 GMT (local time), 3 hours before the daylight time of all persons and objects in the vicinity.

The following copy of Document 625-1a is composed of two different images with anomalous effects.


The image is a photograph of the redirected point of view of Site-██ personnel. Fifty seconds into shooting, two of the individuals respond to repeated instruction from a specific individual as to where to shoot the camera. They appear to be all in the frame, staring at the ground. The distance from the viewer is inferred to be approximately 2.9 meters. The individual that contains the object is standing at approximately 25m from the viewer's viewpoint.

There is an advanced, tangential glimpse of what is inside the photograph, and the entity appears to be a humanoid figure (species unknown).

The other image is a black-and-white, stereoscopic rendition of the scene from the photograph. At this point, the image appears to have no correlation to the scene. However, a singular detail consistently occurs - a woman, dressed very much alike. The featureless image is seen in the middle-left corner of the frame. The last sighting of the woman, who was several months pregnant, is shown in the upper right. However, the photograph lacks these features.

The following text is the text of the quotation from the ████, Iowa, Police Department to the police officer in the photograph, whom the witness had mistaken for the subject of the photograph.

"Samantha will not come to us, she will come to us, we will not leave this time. She will come here. She will come to us in a minute, we will not be able to leave. The world will end, we will be forgotten. She will come to us, and we will go to her."


1. No individual mentions this meeting is mentioned in any of the other photographs.

2. Also known as "the mind's eye" or "the [REDACTED] eye"


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