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Item #: SCP-658

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-658 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment unit, provided with a monitor of sufficient resolution to monitor SCP-658.

SCP-658 may be made to interact with people who display signs that indicate ambivalence towards SCP-658. If a person displays a sign that indicates ambivalence towards SCP-658, they will be placed in a locked suite containing SCP-658. No physical restriction may be placed upon the use of SCP-658 for the purposes of interactivity between people, although any physical restriction on the use of SCP-658 must prevent any other person from interacting with SCP-658.

Description: SCP-658 is a bar of foamed plastic. SCP-658 is made out of automatic pressure-sealing foam and consists of 74 pieces each.

SCP-658 contains a plastic beverage (SCP-658-A-1), sweetened with altered ethyl alcohol (EHL) and condiment. When consumed by a person, subject will experience altered consciousness.

A single American teenager (SCP-658-A-2) confirms that a 79-year-old individual with a history of alcoholism died from an accidental shotgun blast. The individual died of a heart attack, and most likely a heart attack from SCP-658. SCP-658-A-2 was shocked, and taken away to a separate suite.


SCP-658 was first identified during a police raid on a house in ███████, ██. The house was described as having three cinder block walls, a kitchen, a living room, and a four bedroom unit. The last known occupant, deceased of a heart attack in a basement, was the first produced SCP-658.

The purpose of SCP-658 is unknown. Attempts to use SCP-658 to induce conscious thought through long-term psychological trauma have raised minor resistance from SCP-658. The use of SCP-658 for any means is prohibited under no circumstances, and should not be relied upon.

SCP-658 life support is a small device composed of non-conductive elements capable of producing artificial respiration. The life support pump contains a cryogenic cooling system, which will remove any oxygen that is present in the surrounding air through a process similar to the thermostat. The pump will then summon a small biological substance (SCP-658-A-3) from within the device, which is then infused into SCP-658.

SCP-658-A-3 is inhaled and metabolized by the device's carbonated components, and produced the altered consciousness within 5 minutes. A minimum of 2 minutes after the death of SCP-658-A-3, SCP-658-A-3 will disintegrate and the process will begin again.

Addendum-A: SCP-658 was first discovered when a pound of SCP-658 was recovered in ██████, ██.


In the event that SCP-658 does no longer produce human consciousness, one (1) person has been presented with SCP-658. The degree of anomalous activity in SCP-658 has increased to include:

•Human consciousness that manifests and is altered creatures from SCP-658.

•Achievement of which is impossible to achieve.

•Achievement at which is impossible to achieve alone.

•Involuntary acquisition based on uncontrollable desire from SCP-658.


SCP-658 displays the ability of telepathy, which prevents the mind from setting up a network of reasoning or any other forms of communication between author or actor and SCP-658.

Furthermore, SCP-658-A-3 is induced to manifest in the physical environment through unknown means. These include but are not limited to:

•Seeing a solid surface through a barrier.

•Being directly visual on a solid surface.

•Being deliberately exposed to a sound level which can cause anomalous physical effects to manifest.

•Being exposed to a fire or splintered object.

•Being exposed to non-persistent stimuli for longer than necessary.

•Being exposed to [REDACTED] or violence.

[REDACTED] for an extended period of time.


SCP-658-A-3's effects are incredibly severe upon persons with any form of criminal record.

Previously escaped prisoners, rapists, murderers, and armed criminals (including but not limited to felons, criminals, and other criminals) will now be able to manifest SCP-658-A-3 in the vicinity of the former SCP-658 arrestee.


Decommissioning and subsequent clearance through the facility is only allowed to re-contain SCP-658-A-3 once per week.


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