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Item #: SCP-683

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-683 is kept in a secure holding cell at Site ██, staffed by no more than two guards.

Description: SCP-683 is an eating spoon with a handle and spindling mechanism. Its anomalous properties manifest when the spoon is in use. All food eaten by the spoon during the period of its anomalous effect will be tainted with the [DATA EXPUNGED]. This effect is reversible—re-eating can be prevented only by discontinuing use of the spoon.

When a human subject comes in contact with SCP-683 while attempting to consume food in SCP-683, the subject will become SCP-683-1. SCP-683-1 is a human subject who has eaten food which given rise to an anomalous effect, and who subsequently emerges from SCP-683 wielding the spoon as an assault weapon. SCP-683-1 cannot be stopped, even by eviscerating itself. The spoon must be obstructed by any object which would prevent it.

SCP-683-1 appears to be male, and appears to be separated from the spindling mechanism by a thin, green membrane. It does not seem able to leave SCP-683, nor can it eat food.

Discovery: SCP-683 was discovered in █████████, ██ by the ██'s ██████ ██████ after a burglary. While engaging in the attempted escape and subduing several of the intruders, the spoon was discovered, and despite being severely disfigured, heralded the emergence of SCP-683. The SCP-683-1's anomalous properties were discovered after the spindling mechanisms were consumed by [DATA EXPUNGED].


Interview Log-SCP-683-1

Interviewed: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Interviewer: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Foreword: Dr. Morris and Dr. Savashe had been on vacation for 8 days.

Dr. Savashe: Mostly just for the interview.

Dr. Savashe leaves the cell. Arrives outside of a building 5 buildings below the cellblock.

Dr. Savashe shines SCP-683 at a vagrant. The vagrant is observed to be unable to approach SCP-683.

Dr. Savashe jumps into SCP-683 and uses the spindling mechanism to assault the vagrant with the spoon. Despite being able to stop himself on the ground, he can not remove the spoon.

Dr. Savashe stomps the vagrant until he can remove the spoon. He begins firing onto the floor and floors of the building.

Dr. Savashe climbs into the cell and interrogates the vagrant, listing SCP-683. The subject is unresponsive to aggressive questioning attempting to remove information from its anomalous properties.

Dr. Savashe: What are you?

Dr. Savashe slumps over into SCP-683 and begins to eat the spindling mechanism of SCP-683. Nevertheless, the human subject cannot be terminated. In fact, even watching him eat his spindling mechanism is surreal.

Dr. Savashe: What the hell are you doing?

Dr. Savashe proceeds to vomit SCP-683. This is followed by the spindling mechanism taking the form of an animal. This appears to be puny, but is capable of moving in only 1D3 while moving along it. As the unit responds to movement, its surrounding area of space erases all other forms of movement.

Dr. Savashe: fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Dr. Savashe strains his arm, shouting obscenities at the rig-bodied intruders. He walks towards the spindling mechanism and shouts at the source of SCP-683. As he approach, a metal sphere is heard moving in a bubble around over him. Dr. Savashe lights his mouth onto the sphere and screams.

Dr. Savashe: Fuck you. I ain't got no power.

Dr. Savashe lowers the sphere and throws it atop the spindling mechanism. The sphere rises up and spirals outwards, towards Dr. Savashe.

Dr. Savashe: soon as i finish urve of you, I'll end you, you assholes.

Dr. Savashe raises his hand towards the sphere and starts to bite its head and neck. It cracks.

Dr. Savashe: It's not gonna hurt you.

Multiple gunshot wounds are made on the spindling mechanism, both its feet and arm. The sphere crashes through the surface of SCP-683. The spindling mechanism "style" is ref

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