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Item #: SCP-705

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-705 and its digital archive are currently housed at Site-██. SCP-705 has been logged into the Foundation database as "I'm sorry."

Description: SCP-705 was discovered through one of the numerous reams of typed manuscripts recovered from the site of Incident 707-P.8.3. The country's largest and most important literary community, the Court of the Mountain Kings, had founded several of the most influential and influential written works of the day, most notably three of the most popular works in the field, all written by the Kingdom of Egypt. The Court of the Mountain Kings was in fact officially known as the "Old Kingdom Periodical Society," and its members were scholars, philosophers, historians, and even the priests themselves.

According to anthropological research, SCP-705 had been written over a dozen times by the various authors of the Old Kingdom Period, but has only been discovered by post-colonial scholars and scribes of the Middle Kingdom period in the first wave of what would later be known as the "Old Kingdoms period."

SCP-705-1 is an incantation (with aspell) that, after reading, appears to be written in a script of a dialect of ancient Egyptian. SCP-705-2 and -3 depict the geometric patterns found in SCP-705. SCP-705-4 had been briefly documented in the hands of SCP-705-4, which could actually help trace its origin to a position of authority in the Text and has provided strong evidence of its power.

SCP-705-4's native language, Chaldaic, is the language of SCP-705 itself. This script has been translated and referred to as SCP-705-4's "handiwork," "work," and "language" by researchers from D-class personnel.

Addendum: Investigation into SCP-705-4 has resulted in the discovery of a letter, which is believed to have originated between SCP-705-4 and K.S. Bali IX, wife of K.S. Bali, founding father of the Kingdom of Egypt. Copies of the letter were found in SCP-705, and were annotated with the transcription of SCP-705-4's script:

A letter was sent by the King, to his family, thanking them for their hospitality.

The letter contained a list of the requests, and the sacred ones. The list has been included below.

All who write to you in the future "House of the Mountain King" and write a blessing upon him.

all who say three words in the name of the mighty, "He is the prince of the Ones Who Were Made as Man," his name being the name by which the King describes them on his name. By His Grace he holds the greatest claim to greatness and glory to the Pharaoh's throne, and shall be crowned by the Pharaoh's power and majesty.

The letter's contents are said to be written in the names of the Gods, which are considered the primary gods of the Old Kingdom era. The letter uses portions of the language found in SCP-705 to reinforce its message, toning down the profanity.


Dear all. There is a mutiny against the High King in Ophanim, and he is angry! I am on my way to the palace! All must be evacuated! My doors are open!

I haven't felt this angry you understand.

I think you're all wrong.

Tell me about it!

He's angry!

He wants the dead to fight!

He wants the dead to kill us!

He wants the dead to steal our blood and usury!

He wants us to be equal!

He wants us to be free!

I wish to see you and hear what you hear!


The letter was recovered from SCP-705's lab after its anomalous effects ceased when it was found to be written on the underside of an antique manuscript.



Alerting TMO personnel immediately.

Addendum:WhenK.S.BaliX was alerted, he was detained and charged with Ⓘ calendar-year.



Dear sisters and brothers,

We know from the record that K.S. Bali wrote the Divine Messenger, the mighty and glorious Prophet, the Prophet whose Majesty was overthrown by the Pharaoh, the last and absolute ruler of the earth. As is well known to you, I was a man of great strength before this great deed

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