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Item #: SCP-707

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-707 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-707 must be fed an over-large burger daily. If food is within the specified budgets, it must be refilled within 72 hours.

Description: SCP-707 is a tall, muscular human male approximately 2.5 meters tall, weighing 157 kilograms.

SCP-707's body is covered in a number of signifiers, most of which are unknown to the subject's host. These signs are described as follows:

•A layered sheet cloth of an unknown material.

•A burlap sack of various sorts.

•A butcher's basket containing a skinning knife, at the end.

•An over-large burger, on a flat surface.

•A can of coffee, nearly emptied.

•A metallic necklace, inlaid with the skinning knife, over the shoulder.

•A silver bracelet, worn at the end.

•Two decibelles, and only appears in the flat fabric at the time of identification.

SCP-707 began eating roughly every three hours by un-eaten food items. This observed eating behavior is consistent with SCP-707's diet.

When food is brought to the subject, SCP-707 will step out into the dining room. The entire dining room will immediately vanish, beyond the walls of the dining room, onto the floor. Upon reaching the opposite side of the dining room, SCP-707 will move in front of the chair, still pretending to be food.

However, its face is obscured by the bottom of the burlap sack. Should food be brought to the subject, SCP-707 will immediately vanish into an unseen kitchen.

After consuming food items, SCP-707 will leave the dining room and return to standing. The burlap sack will still be present on SCP-707's body, but the nails will be missing and the knife will be stained purple.

Test Log:

Test 1:


Subject: D-1281-89

Procedure: Place food into SCP-707's stomach.

Results: SCP-707 disappeared in five minutes and returned to standing. Other food items appear to have disappeared as well.

Test 2:


Subject: D-1281-89

Procedure: Package in hand.

Results: SCP-707 did not appear to notice any distance.

Test 3:


Subject: D-1281-89

Procedure: Package in hand.

Results: Package in hand. The burlap sack reappeared on D-1281-89's body.

Test 4:


Subject: D-1281-89

Procedure: Package in hand.

Results: SCP-707 vanished into an unknown location, named Basin-1.

Test 5:


Addendum-707-2: Document 771.1 "The Antarctic Test Chamber"

The following is an extract from a letter sent by SCP-703 to [REDACTED] from [REDACTED] from the Subject of Interest series. SCP-703 was a living instance of SCP-707's containment, and had been exposed to SCP-707 on its first day, leading to the discovery and containment of SCP-707.

Dear Friend,

After having been exposed to SCP-707 in the Antarctic, I must say I find this test chamber to be very unsatisfactory.

Two weeks have passed, yet you continue to resist my advances.

I found this insane place to be a laboratory, but it is now a sick joke.

You are happy, however, with your current name.

I am not your friend, and this message is not meant for you to be known.

BUT I'm your friend and I'll remain your friend.

I've watched this horrible thing evolve over the last month, and since then, I have not seen a single drop off in your face.

I've seen it change you, and my eyes no longer take you in.

I have seen you change in your clothes, and I have seen something even more horrifying…

…I have witnessed it all…

I must say, this is just plain sickening.

What am I saying?

What else am I saying?

I will remain your friend.


You are a real, is what I am saying.

You have watched this bizarre thing evolve over the last month, and you have seen that there is no limit to what it will take

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