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Item #: SCP-726

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-726 has been secured in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-63. A specialized cover story is to be maintained for him to experience his dream, but no further containment will be necessary.

Description: SCP-726 is a 75-year-old Caucasian male, an avid gamer (mostly playing video games), and spectroraphilia. This effect seems to manifest when he is playing games and thinking about things on the screen. The item has generated by themselves as a game for the virtual reality game card game "Dungeons & Dragons III: Shadow and Dark Edition" by Wizards of the Coast® and in many aspects it is a thematically relevant story arc.

When SCP-726 is released, he will enter an alternate universe that is retroactively canonically known as "Origin" to the known reality. SCP-726 is placed inside a foreign reality known as "Dark" and attributed to a villain known as "Rarity". The story line of this alternate reality is not canon, as the player who plays the game sends him/herself to be reborn under the name of the Elder Hero by the Unified Narrative. This is repeated in the Alternate Start Sequence. The Elder Hero and SCP-726 interact in a manner consistent with Past in Motion.

SCP-726 was initially found in the basement of his current home in ███, in ████, after reports of it happening at an undetermined number of locations had been reported by several of the cross-dressers. SCP-726 will first enter the familiar living room environment of the home using a minivan. Outside of this context, it will proceed through the house, turning the entryway into a different sidewalk, and taking the concrete path to a nearby alleyway.

SCP-726 will then make his way through the alleyways until it clings to the threshold of the house, and land on the living room floor. Once the walls are covered, SCP-726 will move through the hallway, into the kitchen, making a mental note to himself. He does this every five minutes, and will then disappear. This state lasts for the following 18 minutes, and will resuming if the house is vacated.

SCP-726 is kept asleep in the basement for seven hours, before entering the home again. He plugs his ears, and after a minute and a half, he awakes.

The third and final method of Final Regret is to enter the third story of the house and escape on foot. SCP-726 is given the name "Hzeest" to his current address, which he uses in the Alternate Start Sequence to which he is assigned. He does this by walking down the street. He will then wait until the sidewalk is clear, and walk up the stairs, finding an emergency exit before going across the street.

Final Regret is a complicated and fragile process, with variables. For the average player, it involves two steps:

•All windows in the home will be blocked.

•At least one of the "Gold Doors" will be open, and a rear-facing door may be available.

•At least one-half of the inhabitants have, at the time, not had sex.

•At least one-half have, at the time, not had children.

•At least one-half have been divorced.

•At least one-half of the residents have had a divorce for longer than three years.

•At least one-half of the house's main room has never been used for sex.

The first step is simultaneous. SCP-726's magical abilities manifest, and he shifts his identity into the younger thing. The two kiss before entering the second step, and then it is a two-step process.

•The Magic Door opens.

•As soon as the Magic Door is open, a shadow will cover the mirror.

•Every lightbulb in the house will dim to a pale orange; a red aura will emanate from the entire area, and SCP-726 is in a bedroom. The door will shatter into horizontal thirds from the inside.

The entire process lasts for the next six minutes, after which he will vanish, if any form of magic is not used by 17-year-olds.

SCP-726 is then left, and a dark violet aura can be emitted from the mirror, filling it with a mucus-like liquid. This mucus appears impenetrable to any form of closure and any kind of sealants, and SCP-726 is left to the will of the force of the anomalous impact with the mirror.

The process repeats.

It is unknown how long SCP-726 has been in this alternate universe, aside from the fact that the item has a history of being used

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