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Item #: SCP-728

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-728 is to be stored on a proper isolation module in the anomalous item containment unit at Site-██. Due to SCP-728's high level of decontamination and gene-resegregation, containment necessitates only one Level 3 personnel be present at all times. No exceptions are to be made in circumstances where SCP-728 is not in general use.

Description: SCP-728 is one of the worlds most complex and expensive real-world real-time phenomena known to exist. SCP-728 is classified as being a necessary operation because of an unprecedented risk of the agents' extinction, and because of the necessity of its implementation for mankind's survival as a species.

SCP-728 must be kept all in one place at all times, and will be kept in an isolated containment unit in the structure for high-end anomalous items in Site-██.

SCP-728 is in the wild, and is not contained by any DFAs.

SCP-728 is the embodiment of the formula for "Are you kidding me?"

SCP-728 is an inhabited universe. The Foundation has yet to find any other location in reality where SCP-728 can be inaccessible.

While SCP-728 is composed entirely of different human sapience, SCP-728 will not allow one to enter it unless they have arrived on Earth, and thus we can not enter it.

Addendum: Removal of anything within its borders will result in the destruction of humanity.

Description: SCP-728 appears to be a solar system, as the map of its surface can be read from the outside. SCP-728 will, upon appearing on the planet of Earth, dissipate into a starlight, but is solidified in a massive mass of mass at the edge of the solar system. It is believed to be a sphere of cosmic-scale proportions, and is visible in wavelengths of blue, red, violet, and ultraviolet.

Picture Log

Scientific Lens Notes

Observations from a micro-film camera measuring the distance of SCP-728 are not dependant of the number of organisms that reside in SCP-728; what constitutes a mammal, a worm, or a bird are entirely subjective. However, due to the number of species that reside in SCP-728, it is hypothesized that several species exist in the galaxy of SCP-728.

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