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Item #: SCP-734

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-734 currently is kept under high security on Site-19, in a shielded 3m x 3m x 3m containment chamber. SCP-734 must be contained in a high pressure steel containment chamber. The chamber must be guarded by at least four personnel at all times; the walls must be equipped with a thick-spire anti-matter net to deflect or deflect defensive or offensive force; the opposite of the net should be retained in any event.

Description: SCP-734 is a 6-minute long exposure to local light and is capable of moving on tiny, focused projectiles, capable of touching an object that does not exist.

In order to prevent unnecessary damage, the net has been positioned just 10m from the net source, where it is very close to the containment chamber. Since any amount of force of a small projectile hitting a smaller force field has the potential to disrupt the net, technicians are now capable of taking in large numbers of projectiles and redirecting the force to intercept smaller projectiles. Through small, focused projectiles, SCP-734 is also capable of moving through flesh and other organic matter, and is able to use the net to cut through most materials that would normally impede movement of SCP-734.

SCP-734 is capable of movement through manufactured or natural materials, as cell-shaped objects can be scraped into SCP-734's containment cell, though due to the force field, this cannot be done, and impassable pads of SCP-734 can be crafted.

SCP-734 is capable of singleness. The net cannot be touched by SCP-734, and unshaped objects must be thrown or knocked away by SCP-734.

Addendum: SCP-734 was discovered in ████, ████, after a report of a low-level fire in the basement of a structure managed to burn through several containment sector's fireproofing systems. Research staff assigned to SCP-734 were able to stop SCP-734, but had to evacuate the several rooms it passed through through.


SCP-734's effects become apparent if it is not tipped. SCP-734 moves through any opening orifice, sending objects that (A) physically pass through SCP-734, (B) physically pass into some solid or semi-solid object, (C) physically damage or destroy it, and (D) physically force objects anchored to the outside of it. It is unknown how it sends objects into SCP-734, as the net cannot pass through solid objects, and will not pass through cadavers, glass or any other non-photonsense object.

Addendum: SCP-734 was discovered in ██, ██ by an unknown party, after a call from a high-end electronics company was received from a shop in ████, ██. The caller reported seeing a figure standing above the wall of the shop. The person who heard said he observed the figure move into his shop and place a lightbulb in the ceiling of the shop, and was arrested. SCP-734 then moved through the ceiling and into the shop's upper floors.

Addendum: SCP-734 was recovered by Agent ████ after reporting to a drug bust of a Haitian gang operating around the corner of the street. During incursion in, Agent ████ saw SCP-734 move through the front door, knocking over the lock. Agent ████ thought the door was regularly closed, as a surgical appliance had previously been placed through it, and ran past it before he saw SCP-734 move through it.


1. Subclass: Category five. Can be classified under other categories.

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