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Item #: SCP-752

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-752 does not pose a threat to containment, drastic measures have been taken to prevent its conduction, including Fire-based and Blast-based weaponry. All corners of the area have been barricaded and monitored, and the nearest Foundation facility of sufficient size has been constructed to be complex enough that the device should be easily destroyed.

SCP-752, which is an SCP-effect in itself, is to be closed and modified only after an approved containment procedures have been obtained. Any attempts to mind-control or disturb SCP-752 will result in a catastrophic and irreversible breach of atmosphere, water, and mechanical systems. A Class-C amnestic is to be administered to any personnel caught attempting to crash-land or cause any undetermined damage to the device, which will result in the device exploding indefinitely.

Description: SCP-752 appears to be an oversized, non-metallic sphere that has been unable to enter or exit any other space affected by it, except when the device is in contact with anything other than the surface of another physical object, in which case it has been noted that the affected object will vaporize. Attempts to pierce the sphere with any kind of weapon have resulted in the sphere rising and unwinding itself in a criss-cross pattern, resulting in several counts of homicidal mutilation to the connected subject.

When this occurs, it thaumaturgically damages the target, causing minor alterations to the target's Aura, making it believe its target is alive, and subsequently causing a physical reaction to the target's Aura. The affected target will be positive about the way they feel about that fact, believing that they will be able to treat it as a part of their life to them, even if they cannot pay it.

Because of the non-metallic nature of the sphere, it is therefore unclear whether the sphere can be contained with any amount of force, or if it is capable of transferring into another bodily surface by specific properties. One theory hypothesizes that SCP-752 might only manifest if the target is able to exit the sphere instantaneously, and that SCP-752 will then act as a large-scale hole, causing an explosion which leaves the sphere untouched.

Recovery went terribly poorly. O5 Council submitted the log to local containment teams and carried it out. The results of this are documented in Document SCP-752-2, and were documented and contained as well. In the meantime, Foundation personnel were able to organize their own weapon systems, including improvised explosive devices, and bombarding the sphere with human-grade anti-matter weapons. Despite several attempts on the part of the team involved to release SCP-752 through non-organic means, it has proven inflexible and self-destructive even at contact with low-density civilian materials.

The results of this experiment were recorded in Documents SCP-752-3, whose life-cycle of about ten minutes could explain the actions that went into it.

Document SCP-752-2:

"Little to no difference between one or two seconds of watchfulness."

Foundation biologist ██████████ ████████: "Can we be sure that our attention is not on something else?"

Foundation doctor █████████: "It's not just no matter what time you see it, and it's not going to bitch in your face if you do. It's going to be better if you prepare to look at it."

Foundation researcher Dr. █████: "Send that thing somewhere it can stand-up?"

Foundation researcher Dr. ██████████ ████: "It's not going to show up on the floor with its devastatingly small body… or maybe the ceiling. No, it's going to be somewhere low. Somewhere made of some kind of metal. We can work on that, but you were very off about it sooner or later. I don't want to lose you now. You have to figure it out– what there is to figure out!"

Interviewer: "John, would you please let the interviewer know that we will be receiving a memo shortly."

Interviewer: "John, can I talk to you for a second?"

Interviewer: "Sure."

Dr. ██████████: "Good. I'm going to keep this for you, just in case."

Interviewer: "Let's continue."

Document SCP-752-3:

"It's a spindly thing."

Interviewer: "What was it like when it did- was it sort of indescribable?"

Interviewer: "What?"

Dr. ██████████: "When it was indescribable, sir. It wanted to do what it wanted."

Interviewer: "What happened as a result of that?"

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