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Item #: SCP-758

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-758 is to be secured in a standard physical containment cell. On the second Saturday of every month, no fewer than fifteen security personnel with Level 5 clearance and above are to be present at Site-757 to prevent accidental activation of SCP-758. All personnel in the immediate area are advised to avoid reported interactions with SCP-758 at this time.

Description: SCP-758 appears to be a series of music videos on a variety of electronic devices, all uploaded via unknown cybernetworks. The music videos are uploaded by various individuals and organizations on the websites of numerous online retailers including, iTunes and Google Play Music.

The music videos are loosely based on contemplative pieces by the composer John Bartok. While the pieces are performed in English, they are constructed in a style that is similar to the city of New York, USA. The pieces have been uploaded to the internet, including but not limited to WordPress websites, Tumblr blogs, and YouTube.

SCP-758 appeared first during the video "Parachute Bomb" uploaded by Mother Frame after the release of the Hasbro and N.S.G. Toys' "Mega-Man X" Hall of Fame figures. In the video, SCP-758 is observed to be opening the door of the underground cave containing SCP-682 with its music. At the time, all of the figures are outfitted with fully-functional electrical devices to prevent activation of SCP-682. When the figures open the door, they are observed to activate SCP-682's anomalous properties in the process. SCP-682 is then observed to "burst" with the music of SCP-758.

SCP-758 has not yet been seen in the Foundation's database or in any of its videos.

Addendum: Contact within Site-757

Forensic authorizations allow access to additional funding for testing of SCP-758's anomalous properties. Chemical analysis of SCP-758's music is underway.

Assigned Research Assistant: Dr. Ledart, Site Director

SCP-758: Welcome, SCP-758,

Dr. Ledart: No, no, Doctor, the song is on! Look what we've got!

SCP-758: You are wrong!

Dr. Ledart: What were you playing?

SCP-758: You said you wanted to find a way to bring the world back. We are the researchers who made that possible!

Dr. Ledart: What is this all about?

SCP-758: A part of me cried!

Dr. Ledart: You're not crying, SCP-758!

SCP-758: I'm not crying!

Dr. Ledart: Are you sure that you are the artist you say you are?

SCP-758: No, you're not the artist! I'm not the artist! If this is all about you being the one who made it possible, then what am I?

Dr. Ledart: You are the artist!

SCP-758: A part of me cried!

[SCP-758 begins tapping on its feet.]

SCP-758: I'm feeling it, now! [tapping ceases as SCP-758 stops tapping.]

Dr. Ledart: You said you wanted to bring the world back.

SCP-758: Yes! I'm making it possible!

Dr. Ledart: You are the artist!

SCP-758: What was that about?

Dr. Ledart: Are you the artist who made it possible?

SCP-758: What?

Dr. Ledart: We sent you here to find out what made you possible!

SCP-758: . . . . . . .

Dr. Ledart: Well… we've found it!

SCP-758: That's right! Just as you said, we're the artists! This is what makes you possible! You're very well… the artist! You know what we are too?.. You know what we were?..

Dr. Ledart: Ah, yes, yes.

SCP-758: You are a part of a larger entity, yes! I am the artist! A part of the universe too big for myself! One of the few, the ones we have to deal with here! You know that? Yes, you do! I am the artist! I am the artist! I have the power to bring the world back! I... I can do it! I have the power to bring the world back!

Dr. Ledart: What made you possible?

SCP-758: I… I… I was able to see the big picture! The world was looking up with strange eyes! I was here

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